Royal Navy Psychometric Test Help Confused!

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Lisajeanforever, Sep 3, 2013.

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  1. Hi everyone I need your help and advice!

    I have my psychometric test next week
    Since I attended the presentation on the 6th of August I have been looking
    at everything I can find about the test what it involves etc

    i am dyslexic I'm okay with English but my maths is diabolical.
    I brought myself the Armed Forces Test Book by Richard McMunn
    and also his interview book (hopefully if I get that far) I found his book to be very useful
    and literally have been testing my self everyday by the clock also learning maths again on the bbc bitesize etc and also have tested myself with the practice test booklet the navy provides.

    I know I can only test myself to a certain degree and I know
    I can only learn so much I'm just worried!

    I've applied to join as
    first choice: hydrographic meteorological and oceanographic specialist

    Second choice; warfare specialist

    I was told my first choice will require a slightly higher mark (great!! :(

    My question here is when I do the actual test and say I don't achieve the mark required for my first choice do I still pass to be a warfare specialist anyway? Or is the whole thing shot?

    Any help I'd be so grateful to put my mind at ease I'm sick of worrying I want to get in so much!

    Thanks lisa
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  2. OMM

    OMM War Hero

    Firstly, be careful not to reveal too much about yourself.

    You seem to be doing all you can to prepare so I can't fault you there.

    In regards to the scoring, if you sit the RT and you fail to reach the required mark for your first choice you would still be required to meet the grade for Warfare Specialist to join that branch.


    Branch 1 pass mark- 65
    Branch 2 pass mark- 55

    Score- 70 (Apply for the branch of your choice)
    Score -60 (Apply for Branch 2)
    Score-50 (No requested branches grades met but there may be other jobs you have qualified for)

    The maths section is all pretty basic stuff but its the time side that causes mistakes. Best advice I can give you is if you think a question will take too long to work out then skip it and answer all the ones that take less time before coming back for those you skipped. All questions are worth one mark but vary in difficulty so don't waste your time if you get stuck on one.

    Hopefully that helps you, good luck!
  3. Every job has a different pass mark so it all depends on what you initially get.

    I wouldnt worry too much about because if you have been putting in the effort that you say you have then you will be fine. My maths is also terrible but i managed to pass.

    Good luck for next week though.
  4. Thank you guys this has helped me allot I'm glad if I don't reach the full mark for my first choice I won't be told to forget the whole thing!
  5. Also worse case scenario if you fail is you need to wait a few months before you can resit it, but thats not going to happen is it so think positive.
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  6. I know I really hope not I'm really impatient ill try as hard as I can!
  7. With the maths figure out away to do it as quick as you can and accurately for the maths its not hard just think logicically. I found on the test there were questions that had answers so far out they might as well be on the moon so you can bring your chances down by 50% by eliminating the wrong answers. So if its a tough question round numbers up or down depending where they are.
  8. Thank you that's a good tip just it's good to no what's going to happen so I don't go brain dead! But I'm sure there will be questions were I'm just like what?? But I just won't waist time on them how far are you in the recruiting process or are you in?

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  9. Best of luck. Passed mine two weeks ago myself.

    Best thing is to try and relax. Keep practicing against the clock. The Bitesize website is what I used too.

    Try and brush up your knowledge of mechanical stuff like how cogs and levers work, electrical circuits and such too as they tripped a few people up.

    Most important however is to reiterate that you need to try and remain calm, focused and aware of your time limits during the RT sections.

    All the Best


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  10. When I did mine, I did horrifically in engineering, but excelled in the other three areas. Ironically, my RT score of 103 allowed me to have any choice of branch. But safe to say, it was never going to be engineering.

    The best advice I can give is to try and relax and get a good nights sleep the night before the exam. Whatever you like to do to relax (Play a game, go for run, etc.), do it and you'll find that you're not wound up so much about the exam and do better as a result.

    You've already done a huge amount of preparation and you should be commended for that, just remember to use that as your foundation for building a successful career.

    Out of interest, are the AFCO aware of your dyslexia?
  11. Thank you for the advise guys this is all really helping!

    I'm surprised about the mechanical turning out to be difficult for people as when I've tested my self on this I near enough got them all right but still I won't rely on this I will still revise like mad on all of it! And timing myself!

    Yes I will defiantly go for a run the night before my test is early so I will make sure I'm to bed early to and a nice energy drink it the morning to perk me up!

    But no there not aware of my dyslexia I don't remember them asking if I was in the application form but I didn't think it mattered and I don't like using it as a excuse lol But i read up some were the test should be dyslexia friendly and the same for everyone?

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  12. Bugger. Beat me by 6 points. Damn you!! :p

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  13. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    The test is printed on pastel coloured paper and the text in arial round font, but beyond that there are no allowances made for dyslexia as the service requires that individuals can rapidly and accurately process information under stress.

    As I'm sure everyone appreciates, brutal as it may be, we don't allow our dyslexic enemies extra time or provide a learning mentor when launching a missile in their direction.
  14. Like I said I was aware that there would be no allowances and never expected it i didn't get it in GCSE I don't exspect to get it anywhere else just wanted a heads up on the mark grade so I wasn't worrying to much if I'm honest I don't really no why pastel colour helps dyslexic people :/ to me just looks like pretty paper I'm not blind lol

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  15. Personally I found using Yellow paper helped with my info retention from my notes. A lot of severely dyslexic folk at uni did also and found it helped.

    As to the test paper..... It's pretty clear and easy to read so that's a fortunate thing.

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  16. Now you see.... If the Lib Dems saw this.... They would be screaming blue murder about unfairness towards disadvantaged foes ;-)

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  17. Good for you all a test paper is a test paper to me
    the whole point of me starting this thread was to get some advise on the scores needed and if you get to go in for your second choice... Colourful paper and font is just that..
    And I am severely dyslexic as well were all different thanks

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  18. Fair enough, I merely offered what I found helpful.

    Sticking purely to advice on the scores needed then, don't bother focusing on them. Just do your best instead as it takes some of the pressure off. Decimal and fraction work is worth revising a bit extra as there were a fair few on those (especially multiplying and dividing). There may be some slightly awkward science type questions too so maybe have a gander at Bitesize for that.

    Either way, was merely offering suggestions having done it twice now. Best wishes.

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  19. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    In my experience, the service is toppers with dyslexics, either that or they can't be arsed spolling.

    Chief Stokers are usually by far the worst examples.

    Suffice to say it isn't a bar to entry, the service is necessarily exempt discrimination in this area and it has only been commented upon as the OP mentioned it in the initial post.

    Good luck.

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