Royal Navy PRNC. swim test?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by kosta433, Feb 10, 2015.

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  1. I have recently just passed all stages of getting into the royal navy and have my leaving date 24th of may i was wondering what happened on the prnc so i called my local afco and asked he said about the run and the swimming test he said the swimming test was jumping in the pool from 3m and treading water for 3 minutes then swim 50m and get out of the pool un-aided in overalls which got me confused because the actual swim test is less than that any people who have done the prnc recently what did you do to pass and fail?
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  2. Yeah i saw this a few days ago thats why i asked my afco to comfim it really. They said completely diferent to what you have put on the swim so now im really not sure.
  3. If you look, your AFCO is talking about part 2. Part 2 is the same for all Naval personnel and is not unique to the PRNC. Unless there has been a major change to the Swimming programme in the last 3 weeks.

    The swimming session was broken down into four parts.

    1. The military swim test (Pass or fail) this consists of you entering the pool, holding on to the edge, pushing off, swim 25m turn around WITHOUT touching the bottom or sides, then reach the end of the pool.

    2. The Navy swim test (Not pass or fail – make sure you pass though, especially if your entry date is a few weeks away) You put on a boiler suit, climb the 3m platform and jump off. You will then swim to the side and wait for the other candidates to jump in. Once you are all in you will form some sort of circle and tread water for 2 minutes. As soon as 2 minutes is up, line back up, DON’T touch the sides and swim 50m. Once you have swam 50m get out of the pool unaided.

    3. Swimming circuits (Not pass or fail – loads of fun!) You form in pairs. A: will jump in the pool, and swim 2 widths as fast as he/she can. Whilst B: does the requested exercise e.g. push ups. This carries on for 5 minutes or so. Give 100% the OIC will be looking for commitment (Part of C2 Drills)

    4. Swimming circuit b (Not pass or fail) You will be asked to jump in the pool and get out constantly until you are told to stop. This will last around 2 minutes.
  4. But they said that part was pass or fail? Unless he thought i was on about in basic training
  5. Kosta.

    Can you swim. If so, how confident are you. If not - start learning.
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  6. I can swim fine do the test fine without overalls but i have never done it in overalls due to the fact my local swimming centre wont allow it due to health and safety so i am going to be new to the consept of wearing clothes while swimming so am not sure what to expect
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  7. If you're an average swimmer then you'll be fine in the overalls mate don't worry. The toughest bit by far is the circuits. That's a proper test of of your fitness!
  8. Yeh I agree, I've never swam in overalls before and I was fine. Just pull the Velcro tight on the cuffs so you don't let unnecessary water in, which creates drag. The PRNC is designed to weed out the weak and test you, don't give in and give everything 100%. They will not be happy if you don't at least try everything and give maximum effort. That is the best advice I can give to you.
  9. I'm a very, very average swimmer. Taught myself and I've never had a lesson in my life and I found it easy. Practise treading water before you go and for the swim in overalls, just lie on your back and kick.
  10. Ohh you can do back stroke i am a very strong swimmer with that stroke just i heard it was breast stroke only which i only taught myself last week i can tread water fine for about 5 minutes so i should easily pass if i can do back stroke
  11. Yeh it's any stroke, you'll be fine.
  12. Ohh gosh...I'm really starting to panic about the swimming test...I'm in the process of teaching myself the breast stroke atm...the whole frog legs bit is hard to get used to lol...this may be a bit of a silly question but do people bring goggles or not?!
  13. No one brought goggles when I went, don't worry too much, I did breast stroke throughout the swimming session, absolutely fine even without dipping my head under water whilst performing the stroke and aced all the tests. I wasn't a big fan of getting chlorine water in my eye, but managed a few cheeky eye wipes whilst swimming ;) mainly they just want to see 100% effort.
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  14. Awww okay...yeah I'm not a fan of dipping my head underwater that's a relief...glad to hear you aced them all...hoping I do the same...:p Any tips on how to learn the frog legs or can you just do the normal kick?!
  15. i did mine last week and passed the dont care how you do it just aslong as you get it done for the overall swim i recomend back stroke and also improve front crawl because for the curcuits the make you do front crawl
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  16. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Looks like the Caps key, punctuation and spell has gone tits up mate
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  17. Says that.....forgets a fullstop. If it is a important letter i will correct myself, right now i couldn't care less. :)
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  18. Whatever floats your boat ;)
  19. Okay, thanks for replying...:)

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