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Royal Navy Presentation Team

I'm currently working with the RN Presentation Team. Despite rumour to the contrary we are not all about recruiting. We travel all over the UK talking to a wide cross section of the community: business, industry, education, charities, local government, media and youth groups just to name a few! We are always looking for potential guests and whilst we are always pleased to see retired Jack, Jenny and Royal we are really after talking to those people who don't really know what we do. If you go to and details of our programme are displayed. If you are living in an area where we are coming to visit, please get your work colleagues, family and friends to contact us and come along.
I think that you'll find the Stradey Park Hotel in Llanelli is much, much better than the diplomat. I know how you fella's like your plush hotels.
you go from wales straight to oxford and miss out bristol and gloucester altogether which is a shame as my lad has been asking about going in after hearing my dits :grin:
A couple of weeks ago I received though the post an invitation to one of your presentations…I assumed that as I am an employer there’s a chance I could be asked to subsidise RNR training…however I held back as I believe the general opinion of ex navy such as myself is resented by the modern navy… this is a conclusion I came to after reading this sticky in the “Fleet Forumâ€

the_matelot said:

It has been brought to my attention that current day matelots are reluctant to post on RR due to the amount of retired navy posting their dits. It has been said that it's getting very tiresome, dull and boring. And I agree. To be honest, I couldn't care less about Ganges et al as I am a firm believer in progress. The purpose of my rant is pretty straightforward. This forum is the Fleet. I intrepret this as the modern day Fleet. I do not want to read about some dull cnut ditting on about 'in his day'. Some of you may not like my comments. I couldn't give a fcuk. P1ss off if you don't like it. I think this website has the potential to do as well as ARRSE but is being held back by people, who frankly, should stay in the RBL Club.

So what does the RN presentation team really think about the great unwashed… are we to be respected or are we just to be tolerated because we pay (via tax) the bills.

UA, I think the main initial problems with the site were the constant references to Ganges by a certain character who has since mended his ways. This put off a lot of people from the site as it was FULL of threads about this topic. Please don't be put off spinning dits (in the right forum), even the Jenny Dabber once admitted to me that she enjoys reading yours and so do I.

As for the Presentation Team, I seriously recommend you target sea cadet units. I hear the latest figures are that ONE THIRD of the RN's recruits are former sea cadets and ONE HALF of serving senior rates are former sea cadets. Former cadets are also 75% LESS likely to PVR during basic training. There is no doubt that this is because they have been exposed to some description of a naval lifestyle and it has put them in mind of a career in the RN. With the right approach you will get in to sea cadet units - make sure you capitalise on them. I am speaking as an ex cadet myself.
Thanks for your comments guys.

Tango - We presented in Gloucester last year, but are due in Bristol 6 June and Bath 7 June. Those dates will be on the Navy website once they come over the horizon.

Dunkers - Sea Cadets are invited to every presentation and are encouraged to turn up in rig. 9 times out of 10 they actually assist in hosting the event, acting as meeters and greeters etc. They love being part of the event and we are pleased to have them.

For all you old salts - we are more than pleased to see you but you can appreciate having an audience full of ex-serving matelots is preaching to the converted. We are mainly in the business of informing those who don't know - ex-matelots are worth their weight in gold when they bring in their work colleagues, friends etc who don't know what the RN does. A lot of the ex-RN/RM personnel leave our presentations feeling "re-briefed" as I am sure you will appreciate it is a vastly different Navy to what they were in.

The RAF and Army have similar teams but as ever, are a lot more flush with manpower (we have 2 junior rates responsible for audience generation - the Army have 4 civilian trained marketing assistants!) - we need all the help we can get!!!
Do you tie in presentation visits to ships visits? For instance HMS EXETER is visiting Newquay during the first week in May, and a presentation during that week would work well together.

(And before anyone posts about breaching OPSEC I got the information from the local paper! :wink: )
Stumpy - we do try and tie presentations in with ship visits. We are allowed to visit locations once every 3 years so sometimes although a ship is visiting a town/city we may well have been their within the last 3 years so can't do another presentation there. We have massaged our presentation programme in the pas to try and fit in with ship visits and whilst it is something we aspire to, it's not easy especially with the sensitivity of ships programmes. We are already planning our next tour year (begins in Sep and goes through to following August) but wehave no sight of ships long/shortcasts. There is a lot more work going on at the moment on RNIPE (RN In the Public Eye) specifically trying to co-ordinate events and visits.
'sfunny I was under the impression that your average ex Jenny, Jack and Royal really hasn't much idea about what the Navy is about these days! I ain't and I live on the doorstep more or less of the smaller base! Don't suppose we'd qualify for a visit - no didn't think so!

But seriously (walrus being serious?) keep up the good work ANY thing in this line is very welcome for obvious reasons - the pace of life is fairly quick these days and people (including and especially the ex) need updating fairly regularly
We've got an outline plan for our next tour starting in September 2007. Whilst the dates may change slightly the places we are visiting will remain the same. Anyone interested in attending one of our presentations send me an email and I'll see if we are coming near you.
ohhh I missed the last Yorkshire affair because i was skiing in France. Any plans to return to Sheffield?? I have heard it is mighty helpful if you are preparing for your AIB- as I am.

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