Royal Navy on active service in Afghanistan

Was in numerous newspapers a LtCdr, sorry can’t remember the name.
His name is in the public domain. He’s Lt Cdr Alex Pelham Burns, a submariner pusser.

Now we know:

Captivating images and video of British troops evacuating civilians from Kabul – used by news outlets the world over – have earned a sailor from Glasgow the Navy’s top photography award.

Petty Officer Ben Shread – who grew up in Plymouth but today lives on the Clyde with his family – was named Photographer of the Year for his work over a few dramatic weeks in Afghanistan in August. Striking images which capture British military personnel evacuating civilians from Kabul have earned a Royal Navy photographer its highest prize. His canon of work from Kabul, has earned him the most coveted title in the Royal Navy’s Peregrine Trophy awards, which have been running since 1961...


Hi All ,
Despite our differences within the three Armed services and also our individual piss taking humour I would just like to say that as an ex pongo myself and many other ex service personnel do embrace the great work carried out by the Lads and Lasses who serve or have served from the many individual units around the world in the many hotspots and war zones . At the end of the day we all gave our alligience to our country and HM Armed Forces which despite previous MOD budget cuts remain amongst the best in the world .