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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by DiveX, Oct 10, 2007.

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  1. I know its possible, but is there anyone out there that know what the likelihood of a navy officer being allowed to RM training and gaining the Green Beret.
    Also, what are the chances of being allowed to transfer to the RM after serving a couple of years on the surface fleet? Would you need specialist training in things that the RM may do? I.e. Diving

    My ideal career would be to join as a warfare officer and serve on the surface fleet but eventually transfer to RM where I would hopefully take up ML officer. Is this possible?
  2. There's a lot of them walking around in Drake.
  3. Im new to this...

    What are you meaning ?
  4. Usually the only RN ossifers who are eligible to attend AACC (All Arms Commando Course) are, (and I'm standing by to be corrected) Medical Branch ( Docs and Dentists), Educators (Schoolies) and Padres (Sky Pilots). I doubt a Diving Ossifer would be sent to AACC, but it depends on Fleet requirements, so you never know!
  5. as far as I know you can't transfer. If you want to be a RM officer then go for it. If you want to be a RN officer then go for it. They are two very different beasts. However, some RN officers can serve with 3 Cdo Brigade for certain jobs. As well as docs, chaplains, schoolies etc I have also known Air Traffic Control, Logistic Officers and Diving Officers to have done it. But remember you would only get to do it if needed, not just because you want to, and when that appointment is over you will be back with your normal jobs.
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  7. If you are eligible i.e. fitness and such, then I see no harm in applying to do the AAC, it's worth a try. Please remember though, we can only comment on what we have seen or heard of or what the AFCO may say, unless someone has actually done this themselves. So, take our advice with a pinch of salt.

    You won't actaully know if you can do this until you are in and serving and passed the required standards. However, also remember how busy a warfare officer can be. If your ship/CO or such will allow you to take the time off and do the course, is another hurdle you will need to get through.

    Why not join as an RM officer, easier life that way?

    Good luck to whatever you choose xx
  8. I hate to say it but I keep getting images of a schoolie charging an enemy trench holding a piece of chalk with a bayonet attached...
  9. It's not only those listed above that can attend the AAC, but there are ATC and Junglie officers who have the 'Green Lid'. However if you want to be a Bootneck then do that to start with and you'll have more credabitily with the Marines you command than you would transfering from being a Fishead.
  10. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    I'd go with NZB, Jenny & Stumpy's comments.

    Unless your job requires it, it's unlikely you'd be spared to do AACC. It's also unlikely the RN would allow you to transfer having invested a lot of money training you to be an RN Officer.

    If you were under the age of 26 (Young Officer route), already a trained RM Other Rank, & went for a Corps Commission, you would do the full RM Officer training package of over 14 months & be able to serve as a Company Commander in a front line role. This is besides the fact that you will have already completed 32 weeks Recruit Training. Corps Commission Officers over the age of 26 on transfer tend to do a condensed Commando Officer course but would normally serve in a support role (G4).

    If you want to be an RM Officer then by far the best way is to join as one because you would be fairly improbable to be accepted as a fully qualified green beret Commando Officer if you have only completed a blue beret AACC.
  11. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    DiveEx, what job are you in at the moment? What sort of qualifications do you have from your edjewkasion?
  12. Didn't "Rick Jolly" have a "green hat"?
  13. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Divex, concentrate on your studies and then make a choice, you sound very keen but I think you may have read one to many "Commando comics".

    The two choices you have made aren't exactly compatable. I'm not to clued up on what a warfare occifer does but I doubt it's got much to do with mountains and leading/teaching Marines.
  14. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    As intimated above JD, one is invited to attend AACC because a future job requires it. It isn't an evening class in Microsoft Word.

    Passed out in 1972 (before my time and I didn't). Plenty of Commando qualified doctors.
  15. If you are going to be a warfare officer, you ain't going anywhere but to sea for the first eight years!
  16. And then you'll do a PWO course should you choose to and then back to sea again!!
  17. Shippers,
    I have to go with the advice of Ninja. You have absolutely no chance of transfering from the RN to the RM on completion of Warfare training.If you like the look at what the RM's do join directly as a bootneck.

    The branches as stated above that MAY give you the opportunity to complete AACC are in order of the best possible chance ETM (Schoolie), Pilot/Observer and Chaplain. With regards to MCDO (Diving) there is the smallest chance that you may complete it if you were O/C of FDU1 but it isn't essential for you to have a Green lid and I wouldn't go diver just to get your lid.

    As a Warfare officer the standard career path does mean that you will spend all your early years at sea. However, I'm a Warfare officer and have only had one job at sea. There are other options to you that will become apparent after you join generally called 'Green' jobs that involve working ashore with the RM's/Army.

    Have a go at RM. It's the same AIB anyway and if you don't get enough points they would probably offer you Warafare Officer anyway.

    Good Luck
  18. A bizarre user ID then for someone whose only had one sea job!!!
  19. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    You can be a warfare officer and get a lid, although the chances and options are diminishing. To require the lid, you would serve with 3Cdo brigade or be attached - the Logs Officer there (note singular) has that option which is that an option only. Aircrew with 845/846/847 often do it although FAA are very nervous as they are expensive items to break!

    Fleet Diving Units have a degree of latitude and sometime push people on AAC when they have a chance, which is few and far between. OC FDU1 is a great friend of mine, trained to parachute - required for the job, would have loved to do AAC and would have breezed it (IMHO) but would nevr get 10 weeks off task unless used up all personal leave.

    In 'the olden days' the amphib deck officers on Fearless/Intrepid often got their lid but I suspect with Alb/Bulk that the RM have actually taken over those posts.

    The biggest group in the RN who do AAC are the E(TM), Padre, Medical (Doc, Dentist and Nursing) branches - as Officers.

    Some have cross transferred but in 16 years I only know of 2; Jamie a well respected E(TM) who has cut across as a Major but probably has a very limited set of career options because he's missed out on various commands etc and Rocky a Dentist who I think is still a serving RM Officer. There was a YO whilst I was on the staff at BRNC who joined RN realised it was not for him and essentially used his YO time to engineer a tx, which although successful took a while - again a rare individual with the exact qualities the booties wanted.

    Both unique cases and very much the exception. In the current climate of reducing requirement and given the rarity I'd say make you're choice now and stick with it.
  20. Hey, you can keep watches ashore as well shippers!

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