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I will first off all introduce myself my name is Caroline i am 18years old and just going for my last interview before they will give me or ask for the paperwork for the AIB.
I have a few questions which you serving and ex RN may be able to help me with.
For this final interview what should i learn?
I have covered all ships and weapons and recognition factors.
What else would you guys say they are looking for at the moment.
I also have a place on the Bachelor of Science in Merchant Shipping with the MN would you advise openly telling them or to kepe that to myself.
All help would be greatly apprecitated a summary of the current deployments would be really handy.
I want to go in so much i was turned down for schlorship and didnt even receive an AIB so im going for it again but im totally comitted to getting in the RN.
Any suggestions


Best advice for your AIB or any interview is to be yourself. The Navy are looking for your potential so don't feel you need to know everything about it before you go to interview. Obviously, what you have said you do know will help, but they want to know that you havethe aptitude to learn what they want to teach you and the intelligence to apply it.

I'm sure your careers office has already told you, but read the newspapers (even the sun!) and have a good handle on the hot topics. which at the moment tend to be Iraq, Afghanistan, T45 Destroyer and the Astute Submarine programmes, as well as the future challenges of supporting the Navy. try to have some idea about the Army and RAF as well as operations and much more joint these days.

As for your uni place with the MN, probably best to let them know - it may work in your favour as if they think you are in demand for the MN then you may already display a lot of the aptitude for the RN.

There are a few websites which detail some of the deployments, don't know them off by hand, but try googling it and you'll find something.

Finally, best of luck with it all!


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Thanks for that i also have a new careers officer i never got on with my other one so i want this to be a fresh start do i tell them this or just carry on as normal.
Would you advise reading the Navy news?
It is a very long ime since I did my AIB but I am sure some things never change. They will not be looking for a navy geek, rather some one who has a mind of their own who has opinions and can substantiate them with logical arguement. They want some one who can show they have learnt from experience and can continue to learn. They want some one who can think standing up and solve real problems there and then. They will expect to see some one who has several interests such as sport, CCF or the reserves or some other non sporting activity. They will be looking for determination to succeed.

Good luck



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Well i am in the SCC Sea Cadet Corps, and i am considering the Reserves as well.
I do charity work etc and have a wide variety of sporting instrests such as Skiing sailing walking.
My bf is Middi he offers great advice but you lot are here and hes away so im asking all you lot.
No problem, perhaps the most important advice would be to ensure you always engage the brain before saying or doing anything whilst at the AIB. Do not give them the answers you think they want, rather give your own answers and be able to explain why you have answered the question that way.

I am sure that anything that shows committment is good, mind you you will have to get a good report from them if you do go. I would certainly have welcomed such an opportunity.



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I have been offered a place wiht DNR.
I have done 2 visits with the RN one to a mineseeper HMS Sandown for 4 days and i was the only female Potential officer candidate with 4 lads who spent most of the time in the mess watching the DVDs i through myself right into the ships program by doing the night watches and assisting with everything.
The second visit was to HMS Collingwood which was a Warfare course again i through my self in the deep end with everything bridge simulator only one who didnt crash and or damage anything.
I hope i will have two good reports for these.
I also did an AIB prep with the SCC and i was told i was up to an excellent standard and that my predicted outcome for it would be excellent.
I always ask for visits reckon ACLO gets fed up lol.
Will these stand me in good steed.


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Sounbds as though you're well prepared. During the AIB it's important to get stuck in and participate - don't fade into the back ground, but at the same time be a good team player and don't try and take charge when you're not in charge. Helpful suggestions ot the team leader are a good idea though!!

Remember, you're being assessed the entire time you're there, inlcuding how you act socially. It's important though to be yourself - they will catch you out otherwise.

When you get to Dartmouth remember it's nothing like the Fleet. Best description I heard when I was there was "a boarding school with an over-enthusiastic CCF!". Things have changed a bit since I went through in the early '90s though.

Good luck!