Royal Navy Muay Thai

What federations do they compete in. Are all bouts under the amature rules (padded ect..). do you compete outside the forces against civvilian camps and such do they compete FTR.
Sawadee Khap, Hello

Muay Thai is here! as seen and if you are intrested then please contact me. Thanks for the comments on the website, I will try and fix any mishaps.

We currently teach out of H.M.S. Nelson Portsmouth but we are starting a camp in the New Year at H.M.S. Heron, Yeovilton.

I am running Grass Roots training around the country so if you want us to visit you at your establishment then please get in touch.

As you maybe aware Muay Thai is very new in the Royal Navy / Marines, so Competition is somewhat vague at the moment but in time, will be available at World level.
Amatuer Competition is the only way the sport will be accepted unfortunately but lets see what happens in time.

We are hopefully taking a team over to Thailand to train next year so as you can all see Its is coming.

I'm due to start basic next week and this looks like something I would like to have a try at.

I've always wanted to do a martial art and from looking at the website it looks pretty cool. I should be based at Yeovilton for phase 2 so its good to hear your starting a group up there.


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Sawatdee Khrap! Have been following the news on your site for a while, currently train at Master A's in Manchester (I'm not in the RN yet) and am looking forward to having a new training camp in 2010!

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