Royal Navy morale is 'brittle', admits service top brass

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Drakey, May 13, 2011.

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  1. Was this inevitable?
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  2. KERNOW, sorry even the all embracing RN,never had a vessel called KERNOW, sides how did you get online, or have GINSTERS got a Oggie with a USB?
  3. WTF are you on about????
  4. Errrr. Have we missed something Wrecker or is Capt Caine on the juice?
  5. Igema fluid works in mysterious ways
  6. Just trying to work out what Cap'n Caine's post has to do with your OP, I think his meds have worn off.
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  8. Perhaps he's a sixties child suffering flashbacks from LSD.More likely, he's a cnut.
  9. Pounds, shillings and pence? Definitely a child of the 60s, tunc or not.
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    Early '60's I tried LSD every day for 18 months - but those canny Mauritians always demanded Rupees.=-(
  11. Loathe as I am to wrestle back on topic, I'm curious to see how morale is supposed to be managed in this instance.

    The number of AB1/2 that are facing the chop is extraordinary and actually took me by surprise. Managing the motivation of young men and women who probably didn't think they'd be up for the chop is going to be a serious management challenge, which in turn impacts on the morale of anyone attempting to do so. I must admit, short of hammering on with the obvious 'you just have to', I'm a bit stumped about how to do it. Thoughts from those that know?
  12. It is such a shame this country is built from the RN and to keep reducing it is (in my opinion) a really bad idea. With regards to how can the RN keep motivation up in this situation I'm not sure it can. :(
  13. It does seem a lot of confusion is going around. I'm at a loss to see that the RN are still recruiting, albeit with a horrendous waiting list. I would have thought that experienced men and women getting the chop to be replaced at some stage by inexperienced folk smacks of free marketeering. Dump a couple of thoudand AB's and recruit OD's and equivalents, large savings on wages bill. I wonder if this wil be pro-rata up the chain of command and we'll see less flag rank, Captains and Commanders than we will have ships. Perhaps this confusion will be sorted by the time the Forces Covenant can be brought in because I can only see all arms of the forces (and tax payers) being royally stuffed sooner rather than later.:plotting:
  14. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    I think all three Services have had really big issues to deal with in respect of how do you select redundees. For the Navy our problems are perhaps more compounded than the other two services because platforms [ships] are the measure of our output and in reality you don't need that many people to make a T23/T45 sail, but our tails are enormous (i.e. the numbers of people we having in recruitment/training phases and shore billets to support a fraction actually at sea).

    because of this I don't think salami slicing the Naval manning pyramid would have worked. Some options have been made for us (i.e. no harriers = a lot less AEs of all flavours), but the biggest decisions look to have taken big lumps out of the structure at AB1/2 and LH/PO level too, I guess (and I am guessing) to stop too many people coming through for far too few ships.

    You just have to hope the man planners have modelled it right otherwise we will have gaps and the problem there is you can't grow experienced people overnight. I'll bet there are a lot of people stressing over this and not just those who are in line to be released. If we get this wrong the Navy in 10-15 years will be worse trouble than now.
  15. As I recall the last time we did this was 1994 ish and the majority of those JRs that took redundancy were volunteers, not up to speed with current plans and redundancy offers but most guys with reasonable reasons and in the rate the pusser were looking for got redundancy.
    Personnaly stay as long as you can it makes all the difference in old(ish) age. Is it true you can commute again at 55 by the way??

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