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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by SerkJ, Jul 22, 2011.

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  1. Evening All,

    I have several questions, my contacts read -4.00 D which I'm assuming is Dioptres. I've read that spectacle or contact lens correction must not be greater than -7 dioptres, based on that I'm assuming I'm eligble. However I've downloaded a Snellen Acquity 3m Eye Test and must admit that when unaided I couldn't read it, while wearing contacts/glasses I couldn't read below 6/12 with both eyes, the test shows that the top letter is 6/120 which is also the mininum requirement if I remember correctly.

    My concern is whether I will pass the medical test? Assuming that I pass, would I be able to have laser surgery while I'm on the waiting list for HMS Raleigh? Also will I still be able to join after having the laser surgery (I'm turning 23 in October)?
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  2. Stop second guessing a medical assessment. Downloading a Snellen chart - which size, was it validated, how far away did you stand - rubbish. If you really want to know then see an appropriately qualified person. Or just crack on with your medical. If you have your prescription right then you should be ok and your only problem is over-enthusiasm.
  3. Changing your user name to JerkS might help!!!!
    Go to the AFCO and find out.
  4. Thanks for your advice. I’m just the type of person who likes to be completely prepared and I wanted someone to reassure me of this eye test. As for visiting the AFCO that will be difficult as I reside in the Caribbean, I’ll try contacting them though. By the way Drakey nice word play there, you might just be a genius. ;-P
  5. SerkJ

    Have you started the application process?
  6. Soleil I'm still waiting on the application to arrive at my location. Why do you ask?
  7. I was just going to say that there is a waiting list for practically every job at the moment and advise you to make the initial contact sooner rather than later.
  8. I had a quick look for one of these Snellen charts and all the ones I found had 6/60 as the top line, not 6/120. I'm not really sure what this means because I don't understand opticians measurements though.
  9. Thank you, I've been told that the waiting lists are about 18 months - 24 months. That’s most likely the reason why I’m so “overly enthusiastic”.
  10. wet_blobby

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    If you can read this you're fcuked.
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  11. I took angrydocs advice and went to an eye specialist for an eye exam. My vision report is as follows:

    Unaided VA
    Far: OD (right eye) 6/60 Near: 6/30
    Far: OS (left eye) 6/60 Near: 6/30

    Corrected VA
    Far: OD (right eye) 6/6 Near: 6/6
    Far: OS (left eye) 6/6 Near: 6/6

    Ishihara’s Color Test: 12/12
    Prescription: -4.00 Dioptres

    That would mean I'm a Standard 2 (VA2). I feel a lot better, now I’m patiently waiting on the application to arrive. Thanks.
  12. Phew!! That's a relief. Now all you have to do is work out how to complete the rest of the medical yourself and save yourself some time and the navy some monery. Winner.
  13. I probably would’ve, however my eyesight was the only thing that had me unsettled.
  14. The best way to pass eyetests in the military is to play lots and lots of memory games.
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