Royal Navy medical concerns, bankark shoulder repair


Hello all, firstly, I really like the forum and hope I am posting correctly.

Brief bit of history, I was a volunteer police officer in civvie life (specials) and whilst at my day job, I damaged my shoulder, I tore the Labrum.
Subsequently had repair surgery in January 2014. Upon application to the real police, I was rejected on these grounds. Gutted.

Fast forward to 2016, I have applied for the Navy, I have passed my interview and psychometric, I have declared the surgery, and have had two medicals. (the first I failed the hearing due to an ear infection) No problem I was told, just come back for the hearing bit and you'll be good to go.
A month ago I attend the second medical (private medical place hired out by the Navy I suppose) do just the hearing side of the medical and that's that. The Doc then asks more about my shoulder, and says "If I send this form off like this, then they will review it and say no" The very same day, I get supporting evidence that my shoulder is fine, and that I have been living with it problem free for a while now. The last time I saw an NHS consultant was October last year.

That was the last I've heard of it, like I said, a month has gone by and there has been no word.

Am I done for? Physically I am fit and healthy, I can lift weights and perform press-ups and chin-ups just aswell as the next bloke/lass. I know to them I am just another number on a system and they will get to me when they get to me, but for me, it's my career that I'm waiting to hear about.

Has anyone had a similar issue? How long have you had to wait? Is it good news or bad that I've not heard anything yet? Thanks all for reading. Victor.

Just for reference, the full name of the injury is : Labrum tear, the surgery was called bankart shoulder stabilisation, the injury occurred in early 2013, the surgery was in 2014 and after about midway 2014, I was back to full strength near enough.


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Welcome to the site, sorry to hear of your circumstances.

If your medical records have been sent for review by the Senior Medical Officer (Service Entries) in consultation with a service specialist in the relevant field, you should be aware it can take around six months for a definitive decision. Hopefully you have provided supporting evidence which includes a training diary which also includes vigorous exercise such as rope climbing, close-arm and wide-arm press-ups, load carrying, weight-lifting etc., to prove the recovery and stability of your injury over a sustained period without pain, restrictions or recurrence.

The good news is that the quick answer is almost certainly 'No go', but obviously they are giving you every chance to succeed. This doesn't mean to say there will be a positive outcome, but it does mean you are being given the opportunity - albeit a frustrating period of uncertainty.

Only a qualified service medical health professional can give a definitive answer, once in possession of the full history. As a careers adviser, I'm neither medically qualified nor aware of the full history but in order to manage realistic expectations, paragraph 23 of the Join Service Publication (below) may help give you a pointer.

Best of luck.


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Hi Ninja_Stoker, thank you for the reply.

I'm not going to lie, your comment did put me at ease a little! So thank you :).

The concern I have now is that when I went for my second medical, I informed the Doc of all the activities that I do unhindered, not to brag but I am quite a capable rock climber, I kayak regularly and swim every week day. But I didn't get the oppurtunity to compose a fitness diary or submit it (I thought I was just going in to have my hearing re-tested) The Doc fortunately did write a lot of this down, and like I said that day I had a consultation with a supporting letter confirming my state of health.

I'm just trying to keep my mind off it, but I'll be honest, I only want a career in the forces, I can't see any other job or lifestyle working for me and it's getting tough with every passing week and not hearing any news.