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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by JohnCunniffe97, Apr 14, 2013.

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  1. dasDasdaSD
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  2. I would ask them and declare it anyway, my friend applied for the raf and didn't, and they found out and he got his start date taken away and he is banned from applying again. No idea if this is just for medical reasons or if he lied, its unpredictable though isnt it- and i guess they could be worried it will worsen or become problematic in training or down the line.

    Im sure someone will be along with a specifically navy or medical answer soon :)
  3. asfsdafasdf
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  4. Yeah as long as you are honest, i think it's probably the huge amount of excercise that would concern them if anything. If you search in the searchbar or maybe even google 'royal navy medical standards' i think i have seen a link to the hefty document posted before.
  5. sdfafawdada
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  6. Im not sure, you can be declared temporarily medically unfit but dunno if thats just for weight and stuff that you can change. All the best though, hope its all ok! Your username is quite revealing though, might be an idea to change it so people don't know your whole name and date of birth? :p
  7. Difficult to offer any advice when you delete your question. Although I could find it out anyway, feel free to repost - deleting your posts goes against the basic principle of an internet forum.

    Your issue is very unlikely to be unique to you - I would guarantee I have come across it before.

  8. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Ah well, as long as John understands he signs a consent form on the medical questionnaire for the release of his medical records, he'll appreciate it's unwise not to declare your full medical history as that in itself is a bar to entry.
  9. a mate was MD'd recently from Raleigh for IBS. He handed in some meds he had been given to help prevent it flaring up which led to his MD. He tells me he had not been suffering with it for months and that he only asked for the meds just in case which seems feasible to me. From what i have been told he was not given any leeway at all once he told the doc he had been tested for it some time ago, which seems a bit harsh. I have worked with him for 18 months and never seen him unable to do his job because of it or go training for our local rugby team twice a week.
    His MD letter says he may be able to re-apply after a period of time if the symptoms go away. What are his chances of getting in if it clears up or is that it now? If he does re-apply does he have to go through the whole process again or is he able to forego some of the stuff he has already done?
  10. I have my medical next week, passed the eye test, no asthma or anything in me or family but i had a suspected dislocated shoulder last september, it fully healed in four weeks and got back to playing sport and working as a sheet metal worker and been fine since, would that bar me passing the medical by any chance?
  11. So if I understand this right he never told anyone about this medical history before? I don't think its a harsh punishment, where do you draw the line about what medical conditions are acceptable to lie about not having?
  12. My understanding is that he didn't lie about it, he did not think it was an issue as he has not been diagnosed with anything. He had tests which showed nothing so the GP suspected IBS which appearently 20 to 30 % of adults have at some time or other. His biggest mistake may have been asking for some meds to prevent a anything happening instead of just getting on with things as he has and managing without meds. He thinks he had the nervous sh1ts which most starting ph1 probably get, We were rugby Trg last night and he had no issues and is a fit lad. Should there not have been a full assessment carried out instead of just grading him P8 as his GP had no concerns but was not consulted? I would have expected someone to mentor him or guide him through what was going to happen or not happen, which seems not to have been done.He has been told he can appeal the MD which he is doing
  13. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Interesting thoughts from Taffy-Missive, the issue is "failure to disclose" not how many people suffer from the condition. A fraudulent application is a disciplinary offence which in itself is grounds for discharge.

    If they've told him to re-apply once clear of the condition, then clearly the service believes it's a curable and did not "punish" him for his omission.
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  14. I am hoping to join the Royal Naval Reserve soon after college and wanted to know how stringent the medical is for the reserve forces etc i have a wart on the back of my middle finger only a small one but would that stop me from joining?
  15. The medical standards for the reserves is the same as the regulars.
  16. Must resist...this is not Li's or the barge....must resist, must resist.
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  17. If not a wah burn it off with a lighter
  18. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

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  19. First warts, next thing it's IBS. You can't be too careful...
  20. What if you have a wart on your bowel, that would be irritating I would have thought?

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