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Roughly two years ago I signed up with the Royal Navy, I went on to complete my pre joining tests. When it came to my medical, it was put on hold as they needed to decide weather they could pass me fit due to an injury I had acquired at around 14 years of age. I had a tiny, hairline fracture in my left wrist and unfortunately for me the bones have not joined back together, but when I say hairline fracture, it really is that small! Anyway, after several months of deciding weather or not to pass me, Capita finally gave me the all clear and I was ready to go. So off I went and completed my PJFT, following this I was given an entry date, and then sent off on my 3 day PRNC at Collingwood which I completed. Now 2 weeks before I was meant to go to Raleigh, I have to attend one last medical assessment due to my first one having expired. After this medical assessment, they failed me due to the same injury they had passed me medically fit with only a year earlier. Which makes no sense at all? So now not only was my entry date to Raleigh canceled, I was declared permanently medically unfit from Capita. I was told I can appeal against this decision, which is exactly what I'll be doing due to the fact I think it's an absolute ridiculous decision to deny me entry, especially considering that they had already passed me fit once with this injury! My left wrist is absolutely fine, I wasn't even aware I had the injury up until a few years ago when I had an X-Ray on a different part of my arm. For the last 4 years I have been doing hard manual labour on building sites, carrying heavy loads for most part of the day. If this injury was going to pose a risk to my health, I would of known about it by now. I've been told if I want to appeal I have to get a note from an orthopedic specialist saying this will cause me no further harm in life. I'm just wondering if anyone has been through an appeal process before, roughly how long does it take/what's my chances of actually winning the appeal? Any feedback or advice would be much appreciated. I signed up to the Navy just under two and a half years ago now, and for the last year Capita have just made the process a living nightmare.



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Sorry to hear of the circumstances, not good. Not good at all.

To appeal, I'll recommend you get as much evidence as possible including any recent scans or xrays, together with a consultant's opinion in support of your claims it is 100% OK. In addition, it's worth getting evidence of your physical ability with regard lifting weights and body-weight exercises such as pull-ups, press-ups, chin-ups and rope climbs and maybe even a letter off your current employer emphasising you have been undertaking regular manual/physical tasks at work without limitations or time off through injury.

Go for a big hit rather than trickle feed supporting evidence.

Best of luck. The appeal, with sufficient evidence, shouldn't take more than about 4 to 6 weeks.


Hey Larlie,

Sorry to hear that. This may give you a wee confidence boost though...

I did my ACL in years ago, never had the op as that would have been a bar, dislocated my knee several times, told to wait a few years for all forces to be taken , if taken at all as my knee was that bad. Eventually Dr passed me as I was dislocation free for 6 years or so, got my PRNC and Raleigh dates, then 4 weeks before PRNC I dislocated my knee again cancelling both PRNC and Raleigh. I underwent 3 operations on my knee to remove cartilage and re assessed. Capita said sue to the extensive injuries and 3 surgeries they were hesitant to pass my medical, so before being accepted to even sit a medical they told me to do the following...

3 x 35 minute runs
1 x 2 hour hill walk with weighted back pack
1 x form of circuit training

All in the space of 1 week, and all to be signed off by a certified personal trainer. I did this and they were happy for me to go for a medical and ultimately I passed it, joined Raleigh June 2016 and just finished phase 2 last week (weapon engineering).

The way they said it, was as long as I can provide proof my injury wasn't affecting me by doing things I would be required to do at Raleigh, they'd have no reason not to accept me through medical. So ask for ways to prove it's not an issue, get a PT to sign off you can do push ups, pull ups, carry heavy weights (I think it's 20kg over 50m in 40 seconds is the strength test you do at Raleigh) go to a crossfit gym and climb a rope a few times. If it's all signed off by certified PT's that should help.

FYI I broke my thumb week 1 of Raleigh, hairline fracture, didn't tell them as I'd be back classes, so I carried on, was still able to do push ups and rope climbs etc.

Not saying my advice is guaranteed to work, but hopefully shows it's still a good possibility.

Good luck.

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