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hello people i have been rejected from capita medical group and now i'm doing a appeal.
the reason that they failed me was due to "4L15 b-Harmful use of alcohol"
this was a one time event where i had way too much to drink and had to go to the hospital because i could not form a sentence and it was safer than leaving me alone. (the reason i was alone in the street drunk was that i got in to a heavy argument with a friend and left my house, probably not a good idea but i was not in the right state of mind, however i'm young i was 19 when this happened and i have learnt my lesson to not drink so much in so little time i am 20 now. however i don't see this to affect my fitness of body or mind, this hasn't happened again and will not happen again.

for my evidence i am having a liver function test to prove that i don't drink that much and my liver is healthy if i did drink a harmful amount of alcohol it should show plus im having my GP write a report saying im a fit and young man that doesn't have any alcohol issue.

is there anymore i should do to help my case any advice will be helpful and be honest please
can people suggest things i can do for my evidence please.



War Hero
If Capita did alcohol tests on serving personnel in my day they wouldn't have had a Navy!!!

But sadly, to get in we all have to play their game. Good luck on appeal. Everyone has a bad day.

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