Royal Navy manning issues?

Discussion in 'Joining the Royal Navy' started by Hawke11, Oct 18, 2016.

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  1. Its come up quite a lot and has anymore got any up to date news and how the RN is getting on with it,
    are waititng times coming down? and is there certain shortages in branches I've seen a push for enginerers etc. or is a there surplus in other branches?
  2. Ninja_Stoker

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  3. janner

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    I can't understand the shortages in Boats, I was told by a V.V.V. Senior Officer that the Boats being moved to Scotland would have no effect of recruiting. You'd best check your figs Ninja.......
  4. You'd be surprised!
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  5. I wouldn't hard to find a teenager that has not got their face planted in to a phone/media device.
    Plus who wants to go to faslav with all the SNP anti English crap going on?
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  6. The being detached from social media wouldn't bother me, it's being based in Scotland and the thought of being under water for months that is enough to put me off boats
  7. Under water no problem, under ice, now that's a bit of a bugger.
    Some bods used to have coffin streams when dived, all part of being a submariner:D
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  8. Under ice was fine, no different from normal, apart from if it all goes wrong you can't surface.

    Can ruin your whole day, that can!
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  9. Panel sop, when shit hits fan sit on hands and keep away from emeg blows, count to ten and carry on?
  10. lets say Scotland were to have a second vote on independance and won, were would that leave the boats?
  11. Faslane.
    For many years, while negotiations took place.
  12. granted, but what would be the long term plan? move it down south? or is there no plan?
  13. I don't know because:
    1. I'm not a submariner
    2. I'm no longer in the RN
    3. I have no access to long term Defence Policy
    4. I'm pissed
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  14. So out of the 4 options you only have knowledge of No 4 until too pissed then you forget?
    We could discuss 1_3 and see if we could second guess the eway forward, hang on I think that may have been done in 2014, no idea what the thread was called due to No4 above?
  15. That'll be the one, and hope the plot have marked the nearest polynya correctly!!
  16. Fixed that for you, our nave was excited he had found one, not big enough to get a mini through?
  17. OOH I love it when you torque dirty ,is polynya posh for crack!!!

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