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Discussion in 'History' started by MarkRS, Jul 5, 2012.

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  1. I am looking for the log books of the following ships for June 1940:
    HMS Havelock
    HMS Highlander
    HMS Cambridgeshire
    HMS Vanoc
    HMS Punjabi

    Regards, Mark
  2. Most surviving logs are held by the National Archives at Kew but those of destroyer-sized ships and below were rarely kept after the war. You could also try Naval Historical Branch and the RN Museum Library. Contact details here.
  3. Hi Naval Gazer,

    Thanks for the tip, however I have already tried all three sources with no luck. What I am really trying to do is establish if one of these ships picked up a downed German air crew in St Nazaire esturary on 17/06/1940.

  4. Good idea scouse, but it was a bomber - JU88. Is there a German Bomber Pilot's Association?

  5. May be able to help on this. There is a series of large bound volumes in the National Archive that details the movements of HM Ships from about 1938 to about 1946 in most cases. It gives details of where the ship went, boiler cleans etc, of if any of them were diverted or detached to pick up downed aircrew (or land/transfer,them) it would be in here. The volumes you need are:
    CAMBRIDGESHIRE - ADM 199/2549.
    VANOC - ADM 199/2574.
    PUNJABI - ADM 199/2566.

    A word of warning though - photocopying costs are high and researchers cost a lot more. Best if you visit yourself or get an Oppo to do it for you - you need proof of ID, they give you a Readers Card and away you go.
    The decision to bin the smaller vessels logs was IMHO, an act of historical vandalism of the highest order - the vessels that saw the most action were trashed except a few specimen samples, yet depot ships and capital ships swinging around a buoy, are preserved in their entireity.
    I remember these books because I sent them to the NA in 2003 before I left the MoD - after I'd had a damn good read first though !!!
    Best of luck !
    Jan B
  6. Mark

    HMS Cambridgeshire was definitely off St Nazaire on June 17th 1940; she was heavily involved in the rescue of survivors of the sinking of the Lancastria on that date, picking up about a thousand of them:

    Seekrieg 1940, Juni
  7. The site is for all Luftwaffe aircrew fighters and bombers, just join and put your request in
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  9. @isadirty: Thanks, that will help a lot whn I can get there.
    @soleil: That is what I am researching. Thanks for the links.
    @scouse: Officially the British claim 1 bomber down, the Germans claim 3 bombers damaged with no losses. I have 5 different eye witness reports of a downed bomber, one of which is very detailed. He claims the crew were picked up by a British Destroyer. I shall ask on the site you gave me.

    Thanks everyone for pointing me in a useful direction.


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