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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by alchef, Feb 1, 2010.

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  1. Hi All,

    Can anyone tell me if the RN used to wear a V neck jumper instead of the round necks that are issued nowadays? If so, when did the pattern change?

    Can anyone post a photo for me please?


  2. I'd nearly forgotten them - they were in briefly in the early 80s I think.

    No picture, sorry.
  3. Dim and distant early 90s they were standard issue for the RN CCF (both sexes). All labelled "jersey, women's," so whether they were WRNS only I don't know. Def. existed, NSN and everything....
  4. I can remember the young Tiff's wearing them at HMS Sultan late 80's early 90's , dit was they were for wearing with Ties because a 'V' neck looked smarter with ties than a round neck.
  5. Seem to remember Senior Rates and Tiffs getting them?
  6. IIRC Vee necks were issued to Officers before any blue jumpers were issued to JRs/SRs.

    Even with the tie that SRs were required to wear, round necks were rig of the day during inclement weather.
    Looked a bit odd with the knot of the tie showing above the neck of the jumper, but HeyHo, orders is orders !!

    The other odd bit was having to sew the rate badge on the arm (LRs/POs), before all these posey epaulette badges came into being..... :p

  7. I remember wearing V neck as snr rate in the 80'
  8. I seem to remember getting issued a V neck at Raliegh back in 1991. Never wore it after trying it on, but was told that it was for wearing over your white front and under your No's 1s jacket during cold weather. Think it is still somewhere at my parents house.
  9. I bought one in the mid 80's as it was easier to wear with a tie than the round neck
  10. Senior rates had V neck junior rates had sea jerseys crew neck and I then had an affair with Pernod and can't remember any more.
    Mind you we still had cruisers so this post might not be of any use. :oops: :wink:

  11. When rumrat joined they didn't have official numbers.... everyone knew each other...... and they were given a bunch of straw and told to make their own hats !
  12. When I acquired my first pullie in ’76, there were no V necks. That said, bumby jumpies ring a bell.

    I’ve tried to check on the 5J rig introduction DCI but there’s no electric archive version yet. The introduction of the V neck was DCIed as well but can’t search it for the same reason.
  13. I believe the epaulette's came in as rig of the day in 1980, I recall some senior rates used to wear the old fouly gear ones to start with
  14. Close enough, I saw some SRs wearing them just before I left during '79. Don't think it was Rig of the Day though, but some bases seemk to have turned a blind eye, though I still carried on with the sewn on rate badge until discharge.

    Similarly, the SR shirt collar badges being worn on the tie, because there were no shirts fully available.
  15. We (males) got the round necked ones and the Jennies got the V-neck ones.
  16. Nah

  17. Yea!! Cos at the time I was married to a spl*t and she had a V neck lumpy jumpy, so ya sucks boo to you!!! :D
  18. Yes he's right, and if I remember the knit was different. The blokes jumpers were like 4 purl 4 knit so a narrow 'stripe' whereas the girls had 6 knit 1 purl so a much wider 'stripe' Does that make sense?
  19. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    RC: Either way, your jumpers were lumpier than ours... :shock: :lol:

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