Royal Navy issues record fine for illegal fishing

Rather than fine people for over fishing, which does nothing to protect fish stocks in the ocean, why don't we on a first offence ban that ship and captain from all fishing in our waters for life. No if's No buts.

Jog on all the bloody foreign fishermen who disproportionately break our rules with a punishment so severe they would be terrified of breaching their limits.


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That's pish. Not Jacks fault, he doesn't set the tariff or make the rules but talk about a wet slap over the wrists.

Take the crew into custody and sink the ship. Cops can confiscate and crush cars if you fcuk up, so jack should confiscate and sink ships if fishermen fcuk up.
Ooh, scary! £8,000!!! If that is a record fine worthy of particular note then no wonder there is so much illegal fishing going on.
That's only the record for an on-the-spot fine imposed by an FP 'bobby on the beat' for a relatively minor offence. For more serious cases, a fishing vessel would be escorted into port where the courts can impose much greater penalties including huge fines, imprisonment and seizure of catch, gear and/or vessel.
N_G Thanks - I was aware that there were vast differences between on-the-spot fines and formal prosecution penalties but I still think £8,000 nowadays (as a maximum) is pathetic and serves very little purpose as a deterrent. As a matter of interest, do you have a handle on what the "average" on-the-spot fine is?

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