Royal Navy interview

Hi there I have my interview tomorrow I'm looking to join in logistics doing supply chain was just looking for a little more information on what sort of things they ask in the interview and find out a if anyone one here has joined doing supply chain and what it's like thanks

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Not 100% on how similar it is but I passed my interview for AET a month and couple weeks ago. Most of the interview is, what feels like, a relatively relaxed chat about your life, history, education and such things. They're trying to gauge an idea of what your life is like including your fitness routine.
As to the specifics- I was asked about the training pipeline in significant detail, where you could be based, what day to day life could involve. Etc
Like I said- not sure about how similar they'll be. Hope this helped
Thanks I need to find out more about the training pipeline but least I can do some last min checks on all this just to be sure iv been looking at the website and talking to people for a while now and seem to be getting a lot of useful information thanks for getting back to me

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Not sure what it's like for logistics as I'm going for ETME but at the very least make sure you know the basics about different vessels, their names, what they do and where they're deployed. I found mine pretty straight forward and it felt like more of an informal chat.

I'd also recommend turning up early and having an understanding of current affairs, the recently introduced NEM and at least know a little bit about the new aircraft carriers (HMS Elizabeth/Prince of Wales).

You'll find it easy if you prepare, relax and be confident.
I know a lot about it just not as much as I'd like can't be prepared enough and thanks I know a lot about the navy and ships and read about the new aircraft carriers aswell I'm not so good with names of ships I can remover the kinds just not all the names does anyone know is there still 77 ships and 188 aircrafts

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