Royal Navy Intelligence Branch?

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by Extras, Feb 2, 2009.

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  1. I've seen that there is the "Comms & Int" within the Warfare branch but it doesn't really say what it does or is. I understand the the RNR has some kind of "Int Branch", but again information is hard to find.

    I understand OPSEC issues could arise here, but the Int Corps and RAF Int Branch don't seem to mind giving potential recruits / officers some info.

    So, I posted this here because as far as I can tell, our boats will be the most likely guys to be doing this. So, is there or isn't there an Int branch?

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    There is no Int branch per se in the regular service, however officers and ratings of all branches are placed into Int related roles. Some branches have more opportunities for that than others, and if you dig deeper into the page on the RN website then you'll see what it says. In principle there is a professional progression in Int related employment.

    The RNR does have int specialists, use the search function.
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    Have a look at the CT branch, for some reason they think their spooks. I would recommend the army int corps if your into green slime
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    Agree, Photographers, linguists are all utilised on war canoes. Specialist equipment operators also help feed the great data machine.

    That is then fed up the chain to those "Int" guys in the back rooms.

    If they exist? Who knows? The forces in general still apply the need to know principle.
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    Oxymoron surely? Particularly with only one "L"! :D :roll:

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    The RNR has an Intelligence Branch that is organised through HMS FERRET.

    There are a range of roles available within this set-up, but you cannot join as a New Entry; you must join the RNR at another unit and progress first.

    There is an FAQ thread here:

    and there are a range of recruitment posts by 'HMS Ferret Recruitment' if you want to look.

    You can also view the website here

    But from looking at it I daresay this isn't comprehensive in terms of roles.
  8. Thanks for the replies guys, I understand what you mean about all Ships carrying out Int work. I was just wandering if there was a specific Naval branch (other than HMS Ferrit) that dealt with the data collected.

    Presently it doesn't look like there is. (Shhh!)

  9. My vote is the RN Service Police - arn't they the most intelligent branch in the RN???
  10. Mmmmmmmm. What goes in in the SCIF then, huh? If you have to ask, you don't know!!
  11. Don't forget the nice new Guci shoulder boards too.
  12. First rule of the SCIF. Nobody talks about the SCIF.

    Second rule of the SCIF. Nobody talks about the SCIF :)
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  14. Did I mention the SCIF? What SCIF? I see no SCIFs! Must be something I heard through the Clever Keyhole!

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