Royal Navy Induction Day.


Its kind of casual but im going to go with a dress I have that is formal but casual at the same time.

Uh well i would most like to be an Oceanagraphic and Meteorology Specialist though I have heard you are oncall almost on that job? Still researching...... OR perhaps Weapon Engineering..... I love guns etc.

i just dont want to be a chef of a Band Member, Its an ambition of mine to be in the one of the armed forces at the front of it all, though with me not possessing a 'Third Leg' they wont accept me in the marines nor the frontline;)


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I have no ******* idea how i missed this pearler of a thread, but it's now been moved. The question has been answered and it's now in a more appropriate forum.

Have you ever worn sniper tape?

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