Royal Navy in British Guiana in WW2


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I'm new here and I have a question. I'm working on a book that I hope to complete within the next six weeks. I like to have my facts right.
In my book the Guianas - British, Dutch and French play - a minor but not unimportant role. Now, I know that the Americans were calling the shots in British and Dutch Guiana and after March 1943 in French Guiana as well. They had their airbases there and they were responsible for the antisubmarine warfare along the coast and further into the Atlantic. I can find all kinds of information about British Guiana during WW2, but nowhere on the internet I can find even the smallest bit of information about the presence of the Royal Navy there.
Were they there in WW2 and if so, where and with what? All I need is patrol boat on the Essequibo River and some Royal Navy personnel in Parika and Georgetown.
They must have been there. I can't imagine that the British left it all to the Americans.
Any information is highly appreciated.

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Interesting question, but I wouldn't have thought the RN were very interested in Guiana during WW2, having plenty on their plate in Home Waters, in the North and South Atlantic, and the Med. After the Battle of the River Plate, nothing much seems to have happened in the South or near South America, apart from fast convoys to South Africa.

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