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Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by RNIHA, Aug 30, 2009.

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  1. Just a general call for any interested parties.

    New website is now online -

    New players are always welcome. Open to all standards.

    Contact details are available on our website.

  2. definetely be interested in coming along once i join up in january, just had few questions though. what sort of standard do you have to be? and do you have to buy all your own kit as i found out through past experience that it can be bloody expensive! thanks
  3. We are open to all standards, of course being able to skate is a bonus to start with :)
    Some kit can be loaned, but most will have to be bought.
  4. How often do you guys play?

    I'm applying in December, due to a fracture I have to wait :(, and being Canadian I grew up playing hockey and I would love to play again.
  5. Does 'Twice' Knightly still play for you lot?
  6. Could you join up if you were at BRNC? Or wouldn't you have the time, or its too far away?
  7. Sorry for the late replies :oops:

    We try to have 2 training sessions and 2 games per month.

    Next training session is tonight (20 Oct). These are held at Planet Ice Gosport @ 22:30.

    Out next game is in Cardiff against the Cardiff Titans on 31 Oct @ 21:00.

    I'm sure theres people around BRNC way that travel up to training and games.
    Training is always on a Tuesday evening, and our games are mostly Sat/Sun.
  8. On Saturday 15th December the Sheffield Steelers Ice Hockey Club are inviting UK Servicemen & Women to attend the ice hockey match versus the Dundee Stars at Sheffield Motorpoint Arena with the Face Off at 19:00.

    Service personnel (including Reservists and Territorials) will gain free admission on production of MOD Form 90. One free child's ticket will also be available with a paying adult.

    The Steelers would like as many of our service personnel to attend as possible and the wearing of uniform is encouraged subject to unit orders of course.

    Bit more info from the Steelers ...

    Servicemen / women will need to email Rhino and provide proof of elidgability, a ticket will then be made available at entry B on game day.

    Contact email is
    [email protected]

    Any questions please PM me.

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