royal navy hydrographic meteorological and oceanographic officer

Hello. I am seriously considering joining the navy as a meteorologist. I'll be 35 when I join, with a degree.

Is there anyone out there who has experience in this role? Or can give me some information on what life is like in this position? Day to day life?

What options are available?

What is life like in the navy?


Mark :)

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Why wear a uniform and lord it over real servicemen? Seriously the worst years of my RN career were spent working for Droggys and Metocs, they are scientists and as such should not be given military rank.


The upper age limit for HM officer is 26 as its part of the warfare branch. You could join as a specialist but you might find that youre overqualified.


Not at all, just that you might feel like its a step backwards on your career path. You said in your title you were looking at becoming an officer, as a specialist you'll often be doing some pretty noddy stuff like reading off barometers every hour and that kind of thing. You'll also be starting out on 18k.

Just purely from the fact that you mentioned officer I assumed you might be looking for something a bit more.
Thanks man. I appreciate your reply. Your first message just felt like you where having a go but I appreciate your insight.

Can I ask what your role is? What does it involve?
What did you do for the droggys and metocs? (also, what is a droggy?) haha.

Did/do you like being in the navy? What are the best things about it for you?

If you'd oblige me with all of those questions like ;)

Man, im a taxi driver, I can't step back much further. I need something better. To make something of myself.

Thanks man.