Royal Navy History Book???

Discussion in 'History' started by stupot1988, May 28, 2009.

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  1. I am quite likely to be going to BRNC in september and would like to brush up on my Royal Navy history.

    Can anyone recommend a good book that gives a good entire history or maybe a couple ones that cover the years?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    The Oxford Illustrated History of the Royal Navy Edited by J.R. Hill

    Excellent reference book, loads of pictures which makes it suitable for Stokers and Royal Marines
  3. Good luck at Dartmouth...

    Not an easy question to answer - but there is a book called 'The Royal Navy Day by Day' - it is not so much a reading book as a reference book organised as a calendar... there are copies is BRNC all over the show and it is a recognised RN Reference Book!

    You will do youself no harm if you know the basics of Trafalgar, Taranto, Cold War (only a tiny subject!!!) and the current flavour of the month, Littoral and Amphibious Warfare...

    What are you joining as?
  4. Thanks for your replies i will have a look.

    FNHT i've been on DTUS (Defence Technical Undergraduate Scheme) so will be joining as an engineering officer. Been temporarily streamed AEO which was my first choice but apparantly won't be set in stone until sometime through BRNC.

    Can't wait to finish off my finals and get on with it!!
  5. Good Luck with those finals, Stupot.
  6. N.A.M. Rogers did a couple of books on Naval History "Safeguard of the seas" and the "The command of the ocean" starting from A.D. 660 onwards. I found them very good, full of interesting facts and anecdotes.
  7. For WW2 get yourself a copy of 'Engage The Enemy More Closely'
    -The Royal Navy In The Second World War- by Correlli Barnett. Should be able to get a paperback dirt cheap from Amazon. Might give the postman a hernia as it is a hefty old size but when you've read it you'll be available for mastermind never mind Dartmouth. Great read.
  8. ASDA SUPERSTORES £5 The Officers Hand Book 1944 Excellent and even now would stand you in good stead

    Jack McH
  9. Agreed excellent books, covers not just what the Navy did but the politics of the time that made it happen. There is supposed to be a third volume covering 1815 to the present, but I haven't seen it.
  10. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    'cos he hasn't written it yet. He's N A M Rodger btw if anyone is googling for him/his books.
  11. Well he should hurry up, some of us are getting to the age where we may forget about it by the time it comes out.

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