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Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by spiderguy, May 5, 2012.

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  1. hi there i was wondering if any1 would be able to answer my question, i am wanting to know if i join the nave as a rating am i able to progress to be an officer at a later date?

    thanks for reading

  2. Yes .......
  3. Yes, but for the love of God please don't.
  4. what do you mean ?
  5. Why would you want to join a nave, are you part of a church?
  6. ba_dum_tss_Post_A_Joke_D-s140x120-139767-535.jpg

    once you've developed a literacy skill higher than that of a 6 year old, quite possibly
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  7. sorry about the simple spelling literacy skill is alot higher than a six year old im just looking for some real answers to my questions
  8. thank you for your help that was exactly what i was looking for.

    many thanks kyle
  9. The fact still remains that you are a thick cunt so shouldn't bother.
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  10. That's a bit unfair. Blame the edukas.....edumac ... oh fcuk it, his school, not him.
  11. and how did you figure out that?when 1 person joins a forum and his first post is to get a little bit of infomation about a future job,god forbid that he would expect an answer.....what was i thinking
  12. Kyle

    If you are thinking along these lines and you don't have much in the way of GCSEs, check out possible ways of doing some, especially Maths and English, while you are waiting for your place at HMS Raleigh. You will need 5 for the UY scheme and 4 for the SUY scheme, to include Maths and English. You will have educational opportunities after joining, but having at least a couple of GCSEs under your belt before then would be handy.
  13. i currently have 5 GCSEs
  14. Breathing, walking, eating, going to the toilet erm...and the fifth?
  15. You have my permission to destroy the education system.

    12 rounds, HE, Engage!
  16. dribbling on the keyboard?

    I got an A in my coursework for that one, you know. :D :D
  17. Oh my God.

    Sorry all - didn't mean to provoke him!

    He'll be OK later.
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  18. Holy fucking shitburgers.
  19. No I won't! =D

    BOOM! (Repeat every 2.5 secs until ammunition expended)


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