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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Chris1337, Jul 14, 2010.

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  1. I read in one of the threads that the 'Royal Navy Handbook' is very useful to read. I attempted to order a copy from Amazon, but a couple of weeks later recieved an email from them saying they can't get a copy/dispatch till August 2011 (which obviously is no good as i have my interview not far away.)

    I've looked on ebay and various other websites, no such luck...

    Does anyone know how i can get a copy of this? (see below)

    Edit: Y'know at the afco (i forgot to ask last visit) they have the 'Navy news' magazine which are £2 , are they for people to go in and buy, or do i need to subscribe to get them or something...?
  2. maybe that is the first copy of it.
  3. The book hasn't been released yet. I believe there was an out-dated version, which is no longer sold. Also, you can subscribe to Navy News, here: ...or go to WH Smith.
  4. Ah right! Because i saw the last comment from 2007 i assumed it was out, just hard to get hold of.
    I guess i'll pay a visit to WHS for the news then, thanks alot! [:
  5. Navy News £2.oo ?? - On Line Edition Here:

    Cheer up, for heavens sake, 'tis a long wait for the RN and your wretched [: [: will not gain you many admirers. :wink:
  6. Huh? What are you on about mate, are you lost?

    I was just simply asking where i can get a copy of that book for further revision. Kthx
  7. I was told by my CA that if I was ever in the area I was able to pop into the AFCO and grab a copy of the Navy News for free. So i guess it should be the same for you.

    Or just do what BreathingOutOnTheWayUp says and read it online :wink:
  8. No more free copies in the AFCO's !!!!!!!!



  9. Cheapskates :wink:
  10. Won't be too long before you have to pay to get into the navy 8)
  11. You already do, the afco refused to pay my parking expenses when I last visited them. As you can imagine I was outraged and told them that when I was in the sea cadets..... :wink:

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