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Anybody currently know any information or can point me in the direction about golf within the Royal Navy, like is there a team? Or even certain golf clubs most join?

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Tried looking here?

"Welcome to the Royal Navy Golf Association website, which is aimed at providing you with all the information you should need to enjoy your golf, at whatever standard you play. Opportunities to play golf in the Naval Service exists everywhere we are based and almost everywhere we deploy; you just need to join your ship or unit golf society, sort out your duty commitments and make an effort. I have played golf during every port visit except one (no golf courses in that country!) and over the past 30 years have played on more than 150 courses overseas and enjoyed the company of like minded naval golfers, young and old, senior and junior, low handicapper and beginner alike. I took time for sport, not time off. I encourage you to do likewise, you never know where it might lead. The CPO who took the photograph of me at the Belfry, also played with me and 7 others from the same ship at Sawgrass. The aim of the RNGA is to open golfing opportunities to every golfer at all levels and you should find a link on this website to your local Area Command golf coordinator. They will be able to tell you the offers available locally, give you details of Navy competitions and your pathway to representing the RN and RM against the Army and the RAF in the Inter Service Competition."
Sure have naval gazer, was hoping for some first hand information about tournaments or even squad training If it even exists, cheers anyway. Someone might come along with the info :)

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We used to shag balls into the oggin over the arse end from the top of the budgie cage on Manch if its any good???
Taken from the account of an old friend (in all senses) of his time as an AB in his third battleship, HMS DUKE OF YORK, flagship of the Home Fleet:

...We sailed into the warm Mediterranean as the UK suffered its worst winter on record in 1947. One day we were lying off the pretty French harbour of Villefranche when the wardroom officers were entertaining a famous golfer of that time.

Over the ship’s Tannoy came the announcement “Henry Cotton will drive off A gun turret.” A thousand pairs of feet answered the call, rushing along passageways and crunching noisily up dozens of iron ladders with questions being asked. “Who is going to dive off?” “Was that drive off?” “What in a Jeep?”

Much to everyone’s dismay, there was Henry Cotton knocking golf balls into the sea. A disgruntled ship’s company returned below to continue their supper...
My old friend is still with us but the same can't be said for Henry Cotton:


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