Royal Navy Freedom Of The City Of Plymouth Parade - September 20th 2013 - 1300

Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by soleil, Sep 17, 2013.

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  1. "On a rainy day in September 1963, close to 1000 sailors marched up to the Hoe to mark the granting of the Freedom of the City of Plymouth to the Plymouth Command of the Royal Navy.

    The 50th Anniversary of this historic honour will be celebrated with the City re-affirming its support to the Royal Navy and Royal Marines by renewing the Freedom.

    This will involve a formal parade in the City Centre on Friday 20th September 2013, with over 200 Sailors and Royal Marines marching from the Royal Citadel to the Piazza for a service of thanksgiving. Although the title of Plymouth Command has long been removed from the Navy’s management structure, the legacy is far more enduring.

    Many Royal Navy and Royal Marines units remain hugely privileged to be based in Plymouth, and this event ensures just recognition for the long-standing, warm and fruitful relationship between the City and the Naval Service.

    It is also entirely appropriate that this essential connection between the City and the sea forms a cornerstone of the Ocean City Festival.

    The Parade will commence at 1300."

    Royal Navy Freedom of The City Parade - Show/Display in Plymouth, Plymouth - Visit Plymouth

    Plymouth City Council - News
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  2. Rebecca Hicks at the Herald is keen to speak to anyone who marched in the Freedom of the City Parade in September 1963 for a feature in the Herald.

    [email protected]
  3. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    And it means half of the bloody parade ground car park in Drake is closed.....AGAIN!!!!
  4. Never mind TO, there's always Camels Head :)
  5. Surely this should be the Freedom of the city for a year?

    How many times do they need to do it?

    I bet Drake did it as an AB?
  6. They were a bloody nuisance in the Queens down the Barbican. Amazingly the two JR Writers (girlie ones) were getting a lot of attention and drinks from the wardroom contingent.

    Nothing has changed all that much...
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  7. I was in Guz yesterday, saw a little bit of the parade and taught my 2 year old to point at fat reggies and call them branch failures.

    Two things that struck me:

    1. Very few cap tallies with actual ships names on them, loads of FOST, Amphibious Warfare Squadron, Type 26 Support Unit etc. Very few HMS ones.

    2. Loads of people wearing RAF shoes, the ones with the separately stitched on toe cap. When did this happen? Apart from anything else it looked gash having lads in various different types of shoes.

    Otherwise very smart, seemed to impress all the janner grannies in the crowd.
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  8. To answer the first part, it's mainly those on inboard drafts who can be spared for this sort of thing hence the lack of HMS cap tallies.

    Dunno about the shoes though.
  9. If its like the situation with steaming bats then the stores weenies take what they can get. We aren't really a big enough company these days to have our own designs of footwear. Companies cannot afford to have a production line running for us. Many many types of bats out there too depending on what, if anything, was available at the time.

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  10. 30 odd thousand pairs of shoes (plus spares) in one design is hardly a small production run.

    It's nothing new though, my entry at Raleigh were issued caps in 3 varying patterns, some lads got the old school round ones that you could put a mega bow wave in, others got the normal ones that are current issue and a distinct lucky few got a Turkish made trial cap that needed to be ironed because it was so flimsy it acquired wrinkles.
  11. That's 30000 if we all need new shoes at the same time. I think that the rate we go through them you'd be lucky if we need 5 or 6 thousand a year. The only way to get economies of scale is to go tri-service hence the new 4s looking like pongo gear but in blue. They are constantly struggling to get uniform and some things change regularly.

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  12. Congratulations, Brother 2Deckingtons!

    Despite your youth, that Post completes your entry qualifications for acceptance into the oft unappreciated fraternity of RRs PSOFs (Northern Branch).

    That rare vacancy has only recently arisen due to the continuing non-attendance of our once Tamworth-based antipodean member.

    The Membership Committee can now reveal that the particular attention which you paid to all those haggardly Janner Grannies was considered to be highly commendable and that fact finally clinched it for you.

    You may henceforth roll down your left trouser leg, whilst expressing wind loudly and proudly, and may drag any unwilling two-year-old of your direct bloodline into your nearest Royal British Legion Club whilst being particularly careful to avoid the many and hazardous Mainline Railway Stations along your route.

    In addition, you are also are entitled to that special privilege of terminating each of your third Wednesday's dispatches with a disapproving "harrumph".
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  13. There's a certain irony in that sentence :)
  14. I have to say while I was stood in a crowd in Guz town centre, eagerly waiting to watch some matelots rigidly walk past to music, the thought did cross my mind that perhaps I'm getting old or worse still 'growing up'.

  15. It'll never happen, that's why us PSOF go to re-unions. We can behave "normally" without having the Mrs there constraining and then giving the post piss up wash up (read bollocking) in the morning when you're hanging out your hoop and just need a good hangover dump and then back to bed (or the pub).
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  16. Getting old is obligatory whereas growing up still offers an element of choice.
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