Royal Navy fitness tests at Raleigh

Hi guys, going Raleigh very soon and was wondering if you could answer a few questions for me...

When do they do the fitness tests? So thats the 1.5m run in 11:13 and swimming tests, and push ups , etc?

I have heard they do it on day 2, but other people have said week 5, so I thought it would be best to get the info from here. :)

Thanks a lot, really nervous about the fitness side, and dont want to be sent home because of it....
The various fitness tests are done throughout the initial 2 weeks. If you do fail one of them, you will be allowed/expected to do extra training and then re-take it during your time at Raleigh. As long as you can pass them all during your 9 weeks then you will be OK. Try not to worry too much - the fitter you are on entry the easier Raleigh will be.

Best of luck


Ahhhh, so as long as they are done within the 9 weeks , all is well?

I would of thought that surely , if you cant do them when they tell you to do them, you would get sent home?


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Why don't you just make sure you are as fit as you can be before going and practice the tests to make sure you can pass them all?


If i remember correctly its as follows, roughly..

Week 1 Tue - Mock 1.5 (fail and you'll be on remedials 2/3 times a week until you pass, or stonehouse in week 8 )
Week 1 Thu/Fri - Swimming (fail and you'll do remedials 2/3 times a week until you pass or stonehouse in week 8 )
Week 7 Mon - Actual 1.5m (fail and you'll get 2/3 chances to retake it before stonehouse in week 8 )

You also do sprints/situp/pressup test in week 6 i think, same applies, pass it by week 8 and or stonehouse.

If you get put in stone house you'll have a few weeks to be upgraded back to physically fit, or they'll probably boot you out.


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If you cannot achieve the fitness levels required for Military service before you join up; chances are you will not maintain the fitness level you achieve during basic training for very long after you pass out. 11:13 is the fail mark for under 25 year old male. There are still far to many people joining up who use Raleigh as a sort of "Fat Club". Phase one is all about teamwork and the team is always let down by some fat wheezing loser who has problems with their feet - the problem being they couldn't keep their feet out of the chip shop.
Well I'm going to Raleigh soon and i'm determined not to be the fat kid or even a slow one. For the last 3 months I've been going to the gym, running on the road etc. Mainly because I've never been happy with my fitness. I can now do a six mile road run, 1.5 mile on the treadmill within 10min etc and I'm still worried but hell if i keep this up...touch wood...I'll be ok

So my advice is if you are scared about the fitness levels needed....go for a run!
If you can do those things now, you should have no trouble at all really.

You might have to dig in at times, but you'll be far from the worst. As already stated alot of people use it as a fat club of sorts, so the general fitness levels are quite poor.


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Rookie-WWFC said:
How long is the longest you need to be bummed for to enter the Royal Navy?
Why? How long have you been bummed so far?

I think you might have had a gash buzz from your AFCO on preps before entry!!

But as long as you're happy, crack on.
As someone who is off to HMS Raleigh at the end of May, I must say that some of the questions posted on here really do piss me off.

We have all been told that basic is ALL about fitness, I even got a booklet full if nice little pictures and words too. You know the one, Pre-joining fitness program. If you have it, and am sure you will as you have to sign to say you have it, then read it and do the running and the rest.

Also why does it matter when we have to do the tests, you have to pass them to get in.

Now I am not the fittest of guys I must say, but I am doing the work and already seeing the results.

Also have a look on the Royal Navy website, it has a Phase 1, Recruits diary. Very informative. I would post the link for you, but I fear it would be a waste of time as you want it all spoon feed to you.

Enjoy and keep in mind. 'FITNESS FITNESS FITNESS, it's going to be nine weeks of crap, the one thing you can do to get fit.' (As told by a CPO at AFCO Nottingham)

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