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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Zoidberg, Mar 25, 2009.

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  1. Just a question about this *Clicky*.

    It's an 8 week programme that looks to be a piece of piss to complete, but I'm not so sure I'll be able to go swimming twice- or even once- every week. I work irregular hours at work and I never know what days I'm working- it's a pain in the arse. I could have a week off, or I could work 7 days. I can never guarantee anything.

    Do you guys think it will matter if I mix it up a bit? Replace a swim with a bike ride but do the swim another time or something like that? So get the stuff done in the 8 weeks but in a different order.

    I know it sounds stupid, but I'm not sure if it'll really make a difference and don't want to cause myself any problems or injuries.
  2. Well if you replaced a swim for a bike ride I don't see any cause for injury because it's a low-impact exercise so your joints wouldnt be taking a hammering. That is unless your bike route is on a motorway 8O . The fitness program is only showing you what you should be doing, so ofcourse you can mix it up a bit to suit your lifestyle. :)
  3. That's assuming you're already a good enough swimmer to pass the test.
  4. Cheers, Yorkshireadam. I just wanted to make sure it wouldn't make too much of a difference as long as I got everything done :thumright:

    I did say I'd still go swimming, just not on the days allocated in the programme :wink:
  5. I've not been able to fit in the 8 week programme either due to work, kids and wife related stuff.
    However I have used it to work out an exercise routine encompassing all the aspects, swimming, running, strenght training and have just added some circuit training.

    If I haven't filled in the programme book but have made a daily diary of my exercises and results, would this be sufficient for taking down to Raleigh?
  6. I was never even given a book to fill in, is it a must have?
  7. Apparently everyone is supposed to take it down to Raleigh.
  8. There is a PDF file on the RN website which you can print off, its exactly the same as the pre joining fitness guide they give you

    its under
    careers- health and fitness-downloads-8 wk fitness programme
  9. Alternatively, it's in the link in my first post :D

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