Royal Navy Fires on Spanish Flag's been a while now since we exchanged shot and shell with that a little practice don't go amiss.... 8)


Should have shot at the one on top of parliament.

Stupid whingers just trying to make something out of absolutely nothing.


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When the day comes when a buoy is clipped to a halyard and hoisted aloft I'll concede it's a flag, until then it's a lump of metal bobbing up and down in the water irrespective of the paintwork which is defiled daily by the sh1tehawks... as said previously... bunch of whinging dago's !
This is the Gibraltarian point of view on the 'incident':-

Gib Chronicle

I'd imagine there are a few happy faces on the Rock.

The general view is that anything that irritates Spain is a good thing.


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I don't think you are taking this seriously - this is an appalling international incident and heads should roll for it.

How dare the Spanish make their flag the same as the NATO International Numeral One!


broadside said:
I don't think you are taking this seriously - this is an appalling international incident and heads should roll for it.

How dare the Spanish make their flag the same as the NATO International Numeral One!
Never new dat Broadside, thank you for info.
stirling said:
Really, YAWN.
Exactly, there are obviously some scribes out there with too much time on their hands.
This is being prompted by the opposition PP party in an attempt to niggle the present government, nothing new there either :lol:
For those not in the know, danbuoys laid by warships (e.g. to mark a swept channel, mark a datum or act as a target for gunfire) have traditionally been numbered sequentially (odd numbers to starboard, even numbers to port) with the appropriate numeral flag from the NATO Signal Book secured to their staves (masts) to make them more visible. If only one danbuoy is laid, it will naturally be rigged with Flag One which happens to resemble the Spanish flag (top of rightmost column below).


As one of our NATO allies, Spain should be perfectly aware of this. Had the buoy been fitted with 'Flag M' or 'Flag T', would it have offended the Scots or the Tahitians? I don't think so. This is just the latest storm in a teacup involving Spanish claims to Gibraltar; quite hypocritically in view of their enclaves at Ceuta and Melilla on the coast of North Africa.
Well, the Spanish do have a penchant for 60s tower blocks!
Edited to add:
I could never stand the place personally. Three months or so in a refit was enough to put me off completely, hence my opinion is unashamedly biased. I've been back just the once since and it confirmed my opinion.
Even the option of getting plastered to dumb the sense of how awful the place is has become more limited, and expensive.
I'd bombard the place myself given half a chance :twisted:
The sad thing is that none of the common sense and facts posted here well never be made known the Public. All they are presented with is what selected bits the meja pick to make a story out of it.

What particularly gripped mine was;

Daily Telegraph said:
Giles Paxman, 58, the younger brother of the BBC broadcaster Jeremy Paxman, was summoned to Spain's foreign ministry less than a month after taking up his new post as British Ambassador.

While he insisted the flag on top of the buoy used in the target practice was not in fact a Spanish flag, he apologised for what he called a lack of judgement by the British navy.
A statement issued by Spain's foreign ministry said: "The ambassador insisted that, however it may have appeared, it did not represent the flag of Spain.
"He presented his apologies for an error of judgement and the lack of sensibility shown and promised to launch an investigation and to take the necessary measures to ensure that incidents of this kind will not be repeated."
The British Embassy made no further comment.
Lack of judgement! Clearly matched by diplomatic lack of spine.
So lack of “briefing†allows one to blurt out whatever comes into one’s head? No “I note your consternation and will have it looked into straight away� Either way, it looks like a cluster f**k; and not on the Navy’s part.
Exactly and the Navy did all required of it by regulation, as indeed would the Spanish navy had done, by the same regulations.
It is the politicos who bend these stories out of alignment. I don't doubt at all that the Guardia Civil and the RN presence in Gibraltar are not averse to sharing the odd glass or 10, and good luck to them.

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