Royal Navy Fire Fighting - info please.

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by trehorn, Apr 3, 2013.

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  1. Ladies and gents,
    Didn't really know where to put this so happy for it to be relocated if required.

    I'm running a very basic in unit fire fighting lesson for our newbies (pre RALEIGH) and just needed a little refresher on the composition of the RN's fire fighting capability.

    The first team in are the attack party wearing AWD (No4’s), sleeves down, collar up armed with nothing but extinguishers – is that correct and how many are in the team?

    While they’re in there the attack BA are getting ready. Again AWD with hoods, gloves, EDBA and extinguishers. Correct and how many in a team?

    What are the black hose reels called. I have “centre fed hose reel” in my head but can’t remember if it’s correct. Do the Attack and Attack BA use these if the fire is not liquid or electrical?

    In the meantime the main fire fighting team are getting ready in the PBI Gold suits (new version of Fearnaught).

    As I recall the main team is made up of Fire fighter, water wall, hose handler, hydrant operator and team leader. Is this correct?

    I’m happy with the rest but even though it’s basic I wanted to make sure it’s correct.

    I know I could look in the BR’s but I don’t have access right now and won’t get the chance to look before the lesson when they are to hand.

    Thanks very much for your time all.
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  2. Basically right Tre and they are called Centre feds. As for the make up of the teams I can only speak for the submarine side which has slightly different routines so not much use to you.
  3. PM me with more info on who you are delivering the lesson to and I may be able to provide you with a point of contact at Triumph Squadron who deliver a basic firefighting package to Phase One recruits.
  4. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Why not PM Ninja Stoker I believe he used to be an instructor
  5. Would have thought that in boats one merely had to open a window
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  6. Only on Seaview.
  7. Yep, also contributed to post Falklands dis on such.
  8. They're called scuttles you walting oggy munching skeleton thingy :roll:
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  9. He was talking playschool boat winders.
  10. When did a First Aid Hose Reel become a Center Fed ??
  11. Thanks for the assistance guys.

    I may be wrong about the centre fed hose reel. For some reason it rang a bell - of course it could be the wrong bell?
  12. On boats, when they were permanently plumbed into the trim system. No more fannying around connecting hoses and looking for nozzles etc.
  13. It's scary how fast you forget this stuff - six months ago I could have recited it easily, now I'm flailing back through my Fleet Board notes and files... (which I can send if they're any use)

    Usual caveats that these are best efforts at an answer, not guaranteed accurate...

    Correct, and I've got two down for "Attack Non-BA".

    Correct again, and two of them again; meant to be on scene within something like two minutes of the attack non-BA.

    Centre-fed hose reels is what I was taught at Excellent (EFSSC only) and we were told that, for carbonaceous fires, the person finding the fire should get a CFHR chucking AFFF on the flames (while giving your Loud Vocal Alarm until you hear it piped on main broadcast, and maintaining as continuous and aggressive an attack on the fire as you can without getting killed - just don't close the hatch!)

    Yes for the Support Party, and don't forget the BA Controller keeping tabs on everyone's EDBA status.

    Or something like that, anyway...
  14. Is it not a 4 man team? FF, WW, TL and HH? Used to have a 5th man for MMS only as ships protector - think this disappeared though after the fitting of fixed hatch waterwalls. I'll caveat my answer with the fact that I'm currently out of date for ISSC!

    I'm pretty sure they've been CFHR for the 23 years I've been in!
  15. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Whilst things do stay pretty similar and things such as CFHRs, EDBAs etc remain indelibly ingrained, things do change so I'd be reluctant to offer advice other than to say fearnought is replaced by the Gold kevlar two piece firesuit and fires nowadays are of course far less dangerous than they used to be.:angel3:.... Well, they are at the fire-schools, anyway.
  16. Wow gents, thanks for all that!

    I'm actually surprised how much I've remembered bearing in mind in 12 years i've done 2 BSSC's (yes, i too am out of date). I've covered everything you've mentioned just couldn't remember one or two of the finer items.

    I've been looking on line for a picture of the BA control board with the little clock to calculate the times but couldn't find one that was worth printing off.

    Am i right in saying keep the hatch open because doing a re-entry is much more dangerous than trying to keep it under control, and of course it takes time for the fully kitted out team to get ready? How long should this take again- 5mins rings a bell.
  17. Hatch open is always preferable.

    Support Party time is officially 8 minutes but you would expect a good team to be quicker, especially with the new PBI Golds. They will relieve the Attack BA who have 2 minutes to get to the incident.
  18. Thanks for that. Much appreciated.
  19. This is how we run it on T23s:

    Attack Non BA - One designated Attack AFFF and one designated Attack CO2. Carry appropriate tool to the scene of the incident. Wear AWD (Nos 4's/Ovies)

    Attack BA - x2 lads have two minutes to get to the scene 'on air'. Taking with them any fire extinguishers to hand. Get to the scene and are there to deploy or take over operation of Centre Fed Hose Reel or lay-flat.

    Support Party - 8 Minutes to get dressed, on air and to the scene, taking with them any additional equipment (spare hose, AFFF drums etc) If the priority is continuous attack, the support party then relieve the attack BA. If the door has been shut, the SP come off air and then a coordinated re-entry is conducted.

    Meanwhile, the WE gang nominated as Containment close up in the workshop and begin Boundary Cooling where possible.

    As for the BA Control Board:

  20. AAF

    AAF War Hero

    Support [email protected] 8 minutes is too slow, if that had been the case on Fife circa Nov 70 the Seaslug magazine would have split the ship in half (base of fire was in GTR, directly below Seaslug mag). Fire was extinguished with foam PDQ, Commander E wanted to OPEN hatch to inspect damage, was advised against it by Chief Tiff, CDR E insisted and hatch was opened..WHUUMPFF up she went again...Chief Tiff to CDR E ''Sir, **** off'' was the extinguished by steam drench as not enough ''blood'' left to contain fire.

    Edited to add, in those far off days it was left to the Stokers and OE leccy's to fight ship fires.. on fire fighting instructions from NBCD POME some other branches put Siebe Gorman extra lungs on upside down... difficult to find tank on/off valves in that situation.
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