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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by trehorn, Feb 28, 2007.

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  1. Does anyone else here think that the entrance exam for the RN/RNR is flawed.

    Recently we have had an influx of people who, in my opinion, are perfectly suitable for the service but fail on the exam. And on the other hand i've seen absolute, complete morons without an ounce of common sense pass with flying colours.

    Whilst i completely agree that an entrance exam is completely necessary to gauge someone's mental ability i believe that the one currently in use is not focussing on the right areas.

    One of the most important skills in life is common sense and again, while it is only my humble opinion, i have seen more dimwhits that i wouldnt trust to walk a dog pass the test only to make a complete arse of everything thereafter.

  2. Difficult to know. It's been 21 years since I took it.

  3. I think the current exam is fine, it expects potential recruit to know enough English, Maths and Physics to be a useful part of the team. It is also the case that the pass mark for RNR is higher than for other services.

    I don't think most would approve of us watering down the standards on say fitness (I am one of those that disapproves of the new even easier tri-service swimming test) so why should we swell our ranks with dullards.

    No the problem is with modern education which does not put great store in basic English, Maths and Physics perfering to churn out people unfit for employment with GCSE Media Studies and the like.
  4. I think you have put it in a nutshell Phil. But these gash subjects do make the governmant education targets look better than they are. :smile:
  5. I do not have an issue with the fitness test or medical but in the RNR (whether we should or not) we allow potential recruits to join classes before they have passed the selction process. During these few weeks you get to know people and see their strengths and weeknesses.

    Everone should have a reasonable degree of fitness and be medically fit without question. The problem being that i see people getting turned away after failing the exam who, again this is only my opinion, would be perfectly suitable, more suitable in fact than many others who do pass.

    I would personally prefer to work with someone with bundles of common sense who perhaps may strucggle with maths and english than some of the clueless intelectuals who seem to get into the RNR.

    I am not seeking to "water down" the exam but rather revise the format somewhat.
  6. i dont think there's a problem with the exam.

    with regards to common sense, you're right, it gives no indication as to the level of common sense someone has. but how can it? common sense isn't really one of those things you can test in an exam.
    the only function of the exam is to ensure that everyone shows a reasonable ability to comprehend the basics. obviously you'll still get people with a reasonable level of intellect but put their boots on the wrong feet. i guess the idea is that they'll get filtered out during basic training????? the team works.

    personally i'd take some convincing that anyone who cant pass the exam really derserves to be in the RN, it is pretty bloody simple after all.

    CAR is to ROAD as SHIP is to:
    A) sea
    B) cheesecake
    C) jim henderson
  7. I took the test just over six years ago and did very well, in fact i think i got over a certain score that allowed you to apply to be an Artificer (is that correct or did i dream it?).

    I have since seen the test they sit now and it does seem rather different to what i remember, but then that is six years ago. i must confess that i got a couple of the answers wrong and despite having the answers at the rear of the help book i honestly couldnt understand how they got to the answer.

    But on another note, does anyone seem to think that the standard of common sense coming into the service is lower.

    I mean, some people really are pork!

    I have a feeling that i may be alone on this one. JIM30 Where are you?
  9. Which country's national anthem is "oh Canada"?

    A. Finland.
    B. Utopia.
    C. Canada.
  10. B. :mrgreen: :twisted:
  11. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Looks good to me, now just got to learn the words! :)
  12. Erm, lost me :oops:
  13. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Hint: Look at my location below my user name :)
  14. what are you lot rambling on about?
    get back to work ye dogs.

    when i sat my exam there was a question on how to wire a plug.
    i got it right and it took my score to 115.67%
    i got some common sense free with a kinder egg, which entitles me to the rank of vice-captain RNR (retired)....but i still get my boots on the wrong feet.
  15. You go and sing your national anthem !!!!!!, So are you from that neck of the woods ?
    I honestly don't know the song and verse of your anthem.
  16. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    What... "God Save the Queen"? :twisted:

    To put it into context...

    I'm British, I was active in the RNR Comms / CIS world from 1984 until last July when I came over to sunny Canada on a 12 month work-permit. I may, or may not, be returning to the UK this summer depending on whether I can get a residence visa. And to return to my observation on your answer, yes Canada is wonderful; low cost of living, great quality of life, and no Mr Bliar!
  17. I have a copy of the new RN RNR test :mrgreen:

    I have put forward the first 4 questions.

    Hope you get them all right

    First Question:
    You are participating in a race. You overtake the second person. What position are you in?

    Answer: If you answered that you are first, then you are
    absolutely wrong! If you overtake the second person and you take his place, you are second! :roll:

    Try not to screw up next time.
    Now answer the second question,
    but don't take as much time as you took for the first question, OK ?

    Second Question:
    If you overtake the last person, then you are...?
    (scroll down)

    Answer: If you answered that you are second to last, then you are wrong again. Tell me, how can you overtake the LAST Person? :wink:

    Third Question:
    V ery tricky arithmetic! Note: This must be done in your head only .
    Do NOT use paper and pencil or a calculator. Try it.

    Take 1000 and add 40 to it. Now add another 1000 . Now add 30 .
    Add another 1000 . Now add 20 . Now add another 1000
    Now add 10 . What is the total?

    Scroll down for answer.....

    Did you get 5000?

    The correct answer is actually 4100. :oops:
    If you don't believe it, check it with a calculator!
    Today is definitely not your day, is it?
    Maybe you'll get the last question right...

    Fourth Question:

    Mary's father has five daughters: 1. Nana, 2. Nene, 3. Nini, 4. Nono. What is the name of the fifth daughter?

    Did you Answer Nunu? :???:
    NO! Of course it isn't.
    Her name is Mary. < B> Read the question again!

    Okay, now the bonus round:

    A mute person goes into a shop and wants to buy a toothbrush. By imitating the action of brushing his teeth he successfully expresses himself to the shopkeeper and the purchase is done.
    Next, a blind man comes into the shop who wants to buy a pair of sunglasses; how does HE indicate what he wants?

    He just has to open his mouth and ask...
    It's really very simple.... Like you! :cool:
  18. Just in case some prospective new entries are reading this - the above questions are not really in the entrance exam.

    You never know!
  20. As I recall it gas the line, "From sea to shining sea" in it. So not very good for the RCN but posibly a good slogan for the Canadian Pacific Railway/Road. Any way aren't they Oceans, eh?

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