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Many years ago I had a brief dalliance with a new entry Wren at Mercury, she was always loaded and said her father was the MD of the company that made the packets for cigarettes such as Embassy amongst others. How many firms are in

It was normal for cigarette manufactureres to but their packet blacks preprinted from suppliers.
These packe were then fed into the packing machine which assembled them and filled them with cigs.
Molins were the inventers of the Hinged Lid Packet, until then most packets were either soft or sliding.
For years Molins were the only company producing the machinary capable of doing this.
However they sat on their laurals while other companies developed better machinary and when the Molns patent ran out were quick to capitalise.
Molins also invented and produced the pyramid teabag.


Does this one sound good, then?

this is what I’ve put down in my application but I’ve not fully applied yet, it does seem that I’ll be choosing this option


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I joined as an MEM or stoker in old money. I left 26 years later as a WOMEA and had various jobs in civvy street, mainly around the electrical utilities, National Grid, EDF Energy and such like.
I have been made redundant twice and had a total of 2 days out of work.
You wont be stripping the main propulsion plant on day 1 but if you work hard and learn your stuff you will get a huge amount of job satisfaction, learn technical and managerial skills and meet a great bunch of like minded people.
Good luck


It always amazes me when people think about joining up that the first thought is what's its going to give me when I leave? I honestly never thought about civvy street before I joined as I wanted a long career. It soon became apparent that being an Aircraft Mechanic in the RN doesn't automatically open the career door at Heathrow, Gatwick etc...
I think it is a perfectly reasonable and strategic view on things.
Unless you plan to die in the RN, that is