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Hi all, I’m new to these threads so not sure if I have posted this in the right place my apologies if I have. A couple years ago I applied for the RAF, once I passed my Airmen Selection Test I was interviewed a couple weeks later. In my interview the Careers Adviser mentioned the drugs policy And asked had I taken any drugs in the past etc. Me being honest told him that when I was around 18 (a stupid teenager) I had taken Class A drugs for a brief time and tried to show remorse and regret for what I had done I was later told I had failed my interview because of this of which I completely understand for obvious reasons although I thought at the time honesty would’ve been the best policy.
Fast Forward 2-3 years, I am now applying for the Royal Navy as an Aircraft Controller (AC) although I am interested in Engineering roles also. I have been a keen amateur boxer the last five years, winning a regional title and boxing at national level representing my region. I have lived a healthy lifestyle throughout this time not taking drugs and distancing myself from this that do. I don’t smoke and rarely drink. I have my Recruitment Test in two weeks time in which I’m certain I am going to pass since I’ve been revising alot during quarantine. My issue is and why I have created this post is that during my interview, if I am to get one, I’m sure the Careers Adviser will mention to me about Royal Navy drugs policy and most likely ask me similar questions I’m just not sure what to do because I know honesty is the best policy and always will be but I’m scared that I will be punished for trying to show integrity to my interviewer which I believe is one of the things the Royal Navy looks for in its candidates. I also know that if I keep quiet about it and deny anything about my past if they find out it will not look good for me. I just wish I could go back in time and not do any of the stupid things I did as a teenager as then I wouldn’t of had to mention it to the interviewer. Sorry if this post is long just looking for some advice really preferably from someone that has been a Careers Adviser in the past. No doubt someone might call me an idiot in which I am but I have changed and believe I would make a great candidate given the chance.
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Also to add to my post will the RN Careers Adviser check my background and find out that I applied for the RAF and failed my interview for these reasons?


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This was my thought, @Ninja_Stoker are all the service recruitment systems linked?
Yes they are. Their 101’ will be visible. I recommend being honest when asked about the RN’s policy on drugs and his history of ‘experimenting’ and not ‘habitual use’ of class A.

That said, it’s all down to the CA’s decision. I won’t attempt to second guess what they will decide.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the speedy replies guys. Think I’m just going to have to wing it on the day and see what happens. That’s if I get an interview of course my recruitment test is on the 22nd of this month so fingers crossed!


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You are facing the reality of a little dabbling as a teenager won't hurt, kicking you up the butt later in life.
Good luck.


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Don’t say you’re joining as an AC though, they’ll think you’re off your head there and then.
Joking aside, good luck if you do make it into gods branch.
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