Royal Navy Day Devonport Dockyard 2010

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by dabbzie, Jan 29, 2010.

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  1. I have searched everywhere, even on the RN website and there's nothing in the events section telling me when the Navy day is in Plymouth this year
    Last years was held early September, could i assume it'll will be the same this year.
    If anybody has any info
  2. to add to this does anyone know if HMS Raleigh will have an open day this year and when it will be?
  3. yes id like to know that too. good question rolotp
  4. have just rang my afco they dont know either
  5. Can anyone elseconfirm this as my local afco has called back saying it was 26th and 27th of august in Plymouth. Now I'm confused :roll:
  6. Dabbzie

    I may be wrong - apologies - I understood that they alternated Pompey/Guzz.

    Pls go with what you have been told at the AFCO.

  7. Hi soleil don't think you were wrong I checked out that link in your previous post, there's definately something going on in Portsmouth this year. Thanks anyway hopefully I can go to both I'll give plymouths tourist info a call, see what they say.
  8. 'Navy Days' is definately in Pompey this year, from the 30th July to the 1st August.

    In your original post you weren't particularly clear what the event was you were describing, it is possible you were equally unclear with your AFCO, there has been a breakdown in communication and they have given you the dates of some other event.
  9. I don't think so, I asked when was the navy day the devonpirt dork yard in Plymouth he hadn't a clue took my telephone number an rang me back, but if it's in Portsmouth hey ho. I'll see you all there.
    For those of you who been before are all days the same with events etc or is there a much better day than the others, if you get my meaning :?
  10. I think a certain hotel chain may be out of sync:

    Things to Do: Navy Days
    Aug 2010 (biennial)

  11. I can't imagine why!
  12. Thanks Naval_Gazer thought I was going mad, with what afco told me, thought I'd miss heard
  13. He gave you a link to a random hotel website and suggested they had it wrong, can you not read?
  14. I was there last year and was told that thiswas now going to be an annual event, can't confirm dates as yet.


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