Royal Navy CS 95 Shoulder Titles/Flashes

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by backafty, May 20, 2010.

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  1. I was hoping that someone out there could fill in a few blanks for me....

    I recently demanded a batch of the old style RN badges as worn above the RH shirt pocket of CS 95, only to be told that they are no longer issued, pending replacement by a new style Shoulder Title.

    After a bit of googling I managed to find these on the internet:


    A bit more research has revealed that they are in JSP 768 and have been patternised (8455-99-853-5787).

    I would be very grateful if anyone could shed any more light on the subject; specifically (a) is there a DIN/RNTM etc introducing the new Shoulder Titles and (b) are they going to be released in desert colours in the near future?

    Looking forward to any responses! :p
  2. The new 'horse shoe' badges as shown in your picture should be already being supplied as a replacement for the old flash which was worn above the RH pocket. IMO they're gash!

    It appears that they've been delayed and are not expected to be issued until late 2010, the predecessor has been discontinued and can't be ordered by NSN but stocks are available.

    I suggest phoning either Nelson or Drake specialist clothing stores and asking if they can post some to you, they've done it for me in the past. If you're really stuck, I might have a couple of spares that I could pass on, PM an address.
  3. If you need them urgently, there is a company which manufactures embroidered badges for the Armed Forces.

    The do a huge range of items and may well have these in stock.

    You will have to pay for them, but they do a good job.

    Crap website, good products.
  4. TheCommunicator - cheers for that, I'll pop in to Drake seamstress and see what she's got in there. The offer of a couple of spare ones is very much appreciated... hopefully I'll get them through the pusser but failing that I might have to take you up!

    Capn_Pugwash - again thanks very much for that info. I see what you mean about the website, but I'll certainly keep the possibility of getting them to make some in my back pocket as well.

    A badges spotter also told me this:

    "Desert [shoulder flashes] were being sampled by another MOD manufacturer but as far as I know they haven't been accepted yet. Everything is up in the air at present due to the MOD manufacturers waiting to see who has won the next 4 year contract so its pointless asking them."

    If anyone can shed any light on a DIN or RNTM etc introducing these Shoulder Flashes I'd really appreciate it....?

  5. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Do not obtain or wear the 'civilian-made' shoulder flashes (unless you are RM/RN Commando or RN Police); stick with the RN "White Ensign" TRF on the sleeve for now, if you can get them - if not, don't worry about it. No policy has been made about the introduction or issue of any RN shoulder flashes at this time.
  6. I sometimes wonder if the reason we have to wear so many badges is to remind ourselves that we're still in the Royal Navy?

    Its not so bad for LH's and above, but the rank slide for an AB states boldly: "ROYAL NAVY"; which looks a bit overkill when worn on the front of the shirt, alongside the "ROYAL NAVY" flash over the pocket, and then there's the little white ensign badge with the words: "ROYAL NAVY" just beneath!

    Is it just me or does anyone else think a matelot in CS95 is suffering from an identity crisis?

    If these shoulder flashes replace the White Ensign TRF and the front pocket slash then I'm all for the new design.
  7. Saw the new shoulder flash for the first time yesterday at a tri-service unit, so presume it's been accepted.
  8. Now that MTP is in use, are the shoulder titles still Olive green or desert colour?
  9. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    They should be MTP.

    The Life Guards rank slides are Olive green though.
  10. Does it matter? They're just badges.
  11. Why are swimming pool attendants wearing CS95?
  12. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    They're not.

    It's MTP (aquamarine). Just in case.
  13. Ok so why are they wearing MTP??
  14. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Someone has to.
  15. Probably for the same reason that divers do when No 4s would be perfectly suitable!!!
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  16. It may be news to the old and bold, but quite a few Naval personnel work either with Brigade or in a Land environment, so MTP is very much an RN uniform.

    And RN shoulder straps give the non-Commando trained guys something to wear on their shoulders!
  17. Excellent. Knew someone would nibble.

    Couldn't give a shite about 4's/8's or what ever they are called. My daily working rig is ovvies and rigger boots. Lovely stuff.
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  18. Well I wouldn't consider myself to be "old and bold" and I currently am serving in an Army regiment so MTP is my daily working rig - in fact it scares the pongos if I turn up in Naval attire! Must admit I've not yet got round to sewing on the shoulder badges though, I much preferred the little ensign TRF which has been discontinued.

    However RN personnel in a single service RN unit should wear RN uniform. Divers are the first ones to complain when they appear in the press, as they frequently do, and are referred to as "Army"
  19. Never mind about all this crap, does jack still get issued No8's

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