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Discussion in 'UPO' started by Dabber87, Jul 16, 2013.

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  1. Shipmates...

    Im am looking to take my 8 year bonus this December (i have already taken my 5 year) but at the same time I want to put in my notice as soon as I recieve the payment. Is this allowed as long as I do a return of service of 12 months from the official pay date or do I have to do 12 months from the official pay date before I can even put my notice in? I have just been told be a couple of people I cant put in my notice until I have completed 12 months but up until now I was 99 percent sure I could... Any answers lads?
  2. The guys are kind of right. Under the old and interim schemes, there is a return of service required of either 1 year if you take two payments or 2 years if you took it as 1 lump sum. Basically, if you want to put your notice in then you need to fulfill the return of service before you can go outside. However, the best way to ensure this, whilst leaving as early as possible, is to put your notice in the day AFTER you've become entitled/paid. That way, you complete the full 12 months RoS while still leaving early as you want to.
    What I will say though, is for you to actually go and speak to one of the writers who should be able to confirm this for you.
  3. So you've been in the mob for 8 years. Have you not found the ships office or UPO yet. Asking a serious question of that nature on a site like this is fraught with danger as you will always get the..... my mate did it and etc etc.......
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  4. WindowLickerScribe, thanks for the reply, I'm going to research further. I understand that we have a UPO but it's not the UPO that gives you the answers, it's the person/s running them and they are not always up to par and additionally to that I've had both answers about the return of service of the same guy which doesn't for fill me with confidence. The JSP doesn't even give a straight answer on return of service (If you guys do find one much appreciated), Thanks for the replies lads, have a good day .
  5. Cheers guys!
  6. Anyone hearing rumours about the CB getting scrapped under NEM?
  7. Those currently on the current commitment bonus scheme won't be affected by any future changes
  8. Commitment Bonus and Notice Giving in the same post - it's enough to make you weep! Most RN RoS are far too short.
  9. How long would you have them be?
  10. A minimum of 3 years (from receipt of any cash)
  11. At a guess because he isn't a fan of people taking the money then putting their notice in and not really serving a RoS (just a hunch)
  12. I suppose perhaps it is that many stay in for the bonus so are staying those extra few years before recieving it rather than the ROS afterwards?
  13. But a 3 year RoS means that it is in effect a £1 or £2/day (after tax). It's not a lot is it?
  14. Don't ask me I was just guessing why he said it.

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    What about the cost of growing a replacement body? Particularly with shrinking nos. of platforms!
  15. The RN should probably think about that before dicking people around to satisfy a short term need.
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  16. Tommo, you think or you know?
  17. What we were told by those who are supposed to know

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