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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by tomdoubleu, Oct 24, 2010.

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  1. I start RT 21st November. Ive heard about Royal Navy personel becoming Navy commando's and serving in afghan.

    Does anybody know if anybody can do this in the navy?
    Do you get asked?
    Do you volunteer?

    Thanks guys :D
  2. Saw a blog on the Navy website (though It might have just been a Navy News article as my memory sucks of late) about a Navy Fitness Instructor who had the Royal Navy Commando flashes. Otherwise I really dunno. Probably involves the AACC though.

    Why not focus on getting into the navy first and then see about this lark. . . . or join the RM
  3. Im just wondering what opurtunities you get. Ive heard of sailers working with royal marines logistics. Obviously every persons career is different, However id love to do as many things as i can and gain as many experiances as i can possibly get.
  4. Hi Tom, Scouse if right. Focus on getting into the navy first. Yes there are/will be opportunities for you to 'try' to get your green lid but dont try to run before you can walk.

    When i was in RM training i can remember putting down on a form that i would be interested in going SBS. Well, over the next 10 years i never considered it again!

    tells a story eh?
  5. It's not just anyone either, you do it if the service requires you to do it. No point in sending someone on the course if it's not going to be used.
  6. Even if you are serving with the marines and have done for a few years, it is still very hard/impossible to get on an AACC. So much depends on work, deployments, places available on the courses. Also the army are taking up even more of the places at the moment as 24 cdo is still standing up and needs another entire sqn in the next few years. The biggest factor in getting a shot at the AACC is luck.
    This is also said from personal experience. I was supposed to be on a beat up early this year i then got injured. I was then meant to go on the one that is running now but was told i coudnt as we had optag training and to wait out for the one early next year. I was told about a month ago that is to close to deployment and i wont be going then either. Like i say its all about luck and timeings to be fair.
  7. If you let us know what trade you're joining up as, it'd be a clue as to whether you have any chance of ever going AACC.

    If you want to do it so much, join the Marines. And do your DO a favour.

    I'm fed up of AB's in my division stating after about 5 minutes on board that they don't want to be a chef/writer/steward/warfare/seaman spec, but actually wanted to join the marines/army/raf.
  8. Just join the marines you puff. Fecking badge collector
  9. My intentions where not to upset anybody or to join the marines. I mean anything extra in general, getting a green lid isnt my target althought i would love the challange! I mean stuff like driving courses ect and all benefits that you gain in the services. Im sure ill find it all out when im there next month, I was just wondering now :S

    Cheers, Tomdoubleu
  10. Also im going in as a weapon engineer submariner, That is the career i want to do! No dought about it! :) Spent alot of time trying to find out as much as i could and talking to careers advisers at my office, as it is my life and i only get one shot at it! Still im very happy with what im going in as, its my 1st choice :D
  11. Once you've qualified SM you might like to consider STC(UW), this sub-specialisation is always short handed.
  12. HAHA simply not going to happen. I am a WE GS and there are no WE drafts in CDO units. Im in an ME billet.
    And as for driving courses why do you think a WE submariner needs to be able to drive at pussers expense?
    They are not going to pay a bubble head all that extra money to go and run around with the booties unless they are very desperate for numbers. ( yes i know it has happened and yes they were desperate for numbers lol)
  13. Well you can forget about AACC then.

    Just concentrate on qualifying as a submariner. Earning your dolphins should be your aim. Forget about everything else.
  14. RR has spoken! Amen! :)

    Tom, just get yourself where you clearly want to be, in the Navy, as a WE (SM) and I'm sure any courses you do have a hope in hell of doing will be thrown at you in due course.

    Should feel honoured these folk decided to advise you with only a small amount of mick taking :)
  15. I know, i was expecting more tbh. Glad they never though haha
  16. You're still missing the point S_C - courses will not be thrown at you. Courses you attend will be relevant and in the interests of the service.
  17. Guzzler, I wasnt suggesting they would be thrown at him. Was merely keeping my post short. Although aye, I could have been more specific i guess.

    I was actually merely reiterating mine and Rigsby's point that getting into the Navy should be his first and only priority
  18. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    The only assured route to becoming a commando is by joining as one.

    I can think of no earthly reason why an ET(WESM) (non STC) would need to become Commando trained, but then again I'm not even sure why RN Schoolies feel the need either, come to think of it.
  19. True. You didn't suggest it.

    You stated it :? :)

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