Royal Navy clearance diver


Hi guys,

Just completed my PRNC and any questions asked about the diving branch was (quite frankly) not answered great, with the duty (not too sure, I'll get back to you)

My questions were, understanding that the GS ships go all over the world, but being told that divers main areas to go are around the UK, Med and Bahrain is their potential to go further abroad, last time I was at the school I was on my MDI's with a guy and he was showing me pictures of him and his team diving of icebergs, are these sort of deployments few and far between?

Also after 8 years in the army 6 of them being an army diver and bomb disposal, having completed my 0804 intermediate EOD which I understand is the promotion for leading hand is their a possibility of fast track promotion? Or is it tough tits 3 years minimum in rank?

And finally postings, where are the places you can go, speaking to one on my 0804 and he had just got back from two years in Gib, again are these hard to come by?

Oh also, could someone give me a typical week on how you work? In all aspects from Plymouth, Portsmouth and Faslane.

Would be a great help guys!


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