Royal Navy Charity Swim around Portsea Island 30 July

Portsmouth News 20 July 2011 said:
SEVEN Royal Navy divers have been hard at work training for a gruelling 13-mile swim around Portsea Island. The swimmers are from the Royal Navy Minewarfare and Clearance Diving Branches and will carry out their charity challenge on July 30.

It is being held to raise money for local Portsmouth charity Cystic Fibrosis Kids of Portsmouth, the Project Vernon Monument fund and charities which support the Royal Navy and Royal Marines [RNRMC].

Starting from Eastney beach at 9.30am they will swim north alongside the Eastern Road, round past the Royal Navy HQ on Whale Island, down past the Naval Base and Gunwharf Quays, before returning to Eastney. The team is aiming to complete the swim within seven hours...

...The team has set up a website for public donations at
In fact, there will be eight swimmers including CPO(MW) 'Pinta' Beer who will only have completed cycling the 1,200 miles between all 13 towns and villages affiliated with the RN's Hunt Class minehunters (past and present) three days previously (Rum Ration link).

Available evidence indicates that this feat has only ever been performed twice before. Please give these guys and their worthy charities all the support you can.
Portsmouth News 27 Jul 2011 said:
YOUNG cystic fibrosis sufferer Ella Hamza has been putting an ace team of Royal Navy divers through their paces. The 12-year-old will join the seven sailors on their epic attempt to swim around Portsea Island for charity this Saturday. For weeks they have been training together at Horsea Island’s Defence Diving School in preparation for the 13-mile challenge. Now Ella is ready to take on the final four miles in aid of local charity Cystic Fibrosis Kids of Portsmouth and the Project Vernon Monument fund...

The swimmers will start from Eastney beach at 9.30am and journey anti-clockwise around Portsea Island, picking Ella up at Gunwharf Quays before returning to Eastney. The team predicts it will take seven hours.

Lieutenant Commander Richard Watson said: ‘We’re delighted to have Ella joining us. We hope we can support each other and work as a team to reach the end.’
The team is also supporting the RN & RM Charity (RNRMC) and can be sponsored online via its webpage at:
Project Vernon and Southern Diving Unit 2 will also have display stands at Gunwharf Quays, the former site of HMS Vernon, thoughout the day.
Good cause..good lads.... will try and get down and encourage them during the swim...I think I've got a box of ball weights in the garage !!!
BUMP! It's happening today.

The team will be entering the water at Fort Cumberland (ex-Fraser Gunnery Range) at about 0930 and should be stopping briefly at Gunwharf Quays around 1300 when it will be joined by 12-year-old Cystic Fibrosis sufferer Ella Hamza. The harbour will then be closed for their exit through the gap between Fort Blockhouse (ex-HMS Dolphin) and the Round Tower. They should arrive back at their starting point at Eastney around 1700.

Project Vernon and Southern Diving Unit 2 will be manning static displays at Gunwharf Quays all day.

Show your support for the team and its charities by donating online via this webpage:Royal Navy Clearance Divers & Friends Portsea Island Swim 30 July 2011

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