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I'm currently joining the RN as a seaman specialist, I have had the recruting test and sonn be getting a date for the selection interview but also doubting the role I have choosen because I keep finding different things about the role and I'm not sure if I want to paint a ship. Also how much would this role help in humanitarian aid and other stuff like help missions. Is it wrong to change the role you applied for because it feels like it would be more off a hassle. The two roles I couldn't decide between were the warfare spec and sea spec is the warfare spec a better role.
Can anyone help me on this thanks


Others might say I'm wrong but from my experience you can change during the interview. Well I mean for mine there was an 18 month wait for my course and the CA mentioned other roles I could swap to if I really wanted to which would be a 6 month wait. I stuck with the 18 month role but the 6 month one was similar.
I also originally applied as an officer but changed it to a rating so I mean at the afco I believe they can somewhat change applications to some extent.
In my opinion just go to your interview and say you would like to do the interview for the role of whatever you want to do. As long as you would have passed the RT high enough for your new role I would have thought it should be ok. It is also somewhat early in your application too so I mean as long as you've thoroughly thought it through.
@BB5005 Re your 'I'm not sure if I want to paint a ship.'

I'm long retired but from previous posts here at RR I understand that (perhaps for a little cosmetic work) much of what once was the Dabber's perpetual painting task has become quite specialised, with modern materials etc, & is therefore contracted out to civilian experts as/when needed alongside.

Humanitarian aid is certainly on the RN's 'to do list' and applied more frequently (especially by the RFA BTW) than the Naval Service's other & prime objective: Readiness to Fight, Float & Move.

Others may offer current and more appropriate advice but the ultimate choice will lie somewhere between your preference & the needs of the Service.



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If you're having doubts about your branch choice tell your AFCO and discuss the alternatives. Now is the time,don't wait until you're actually in the RN.


Thx SnowGoose I have a date for my interview still unsure but I've been reading more and they seem very similar but there are different roles withing the role of the warefare specialist and the main thing I don't want is being in a room for most the time I'd rather be on deck and I'm not sure you are guaranteed this as a warfare spec unless you can choose out of the, above water weapons, above water tactical, underwater warfare and electronic warfare. Also the warfare spec is at high priority but seaman spec not. Does anyone know if u can choose to be on deck (above water)


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So, sounds like you are undecided?

What’s your wish list of things you would like in your job?

As an aside, it isn’t in yet - but it is being discussed about specialisation choice a being moved to the AFCO (from CNR’s mouth last week). So you would join as a generic Warfare Spec and be streamed at RAL.

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