Royal Navy: Caribbean Patrol TV Series


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A full list of Royal Navy: Caribbean Patrol Episode Synopsis can be found below:

S01E01 Bad Guys Dead Ahead

HMS Manchester on her final deployment, a seven-month tour of duty hunting drug smugglers in the Caribbean. The Royal Navy destroyer responds to intelligence sent from undercover agents, but finding the suspect vessels proves a difficult task, until the crew's luck changes dramatically just off the volcanic island of Montserrat.

S01E02 Old Lady Of The Seas

The crew are on Curacao while emergency repairs are carried out on the elderly ship - but the good times come to an abrupt end with the arrival of some hot intelligence leads.

S01E03 In The Dead Of The Night

Morale on HMS Manchester takes a dive after several weeks without a drugs arrest, but reports soon come in from an American surveillance aircraft of a suspect fishing vessel in the vicinity. The Royal Navy destroyer covertly stalks the boat, whose crew members begin to throw large packages overboard, sparking fears they have been spooked and a golden opportunity to make a seizure has been missed.

S01E04 High Winds And Savage Seas

HMS Manchester is put on urgent storm alert as the hurricane season gets under way. The crew visits as many of the islands as possible to reassure the residents that help will be at hand in case of disaster, while monitoring the changeable weather and incoming storms.

S01E05 Mission Of Mercy

HMS Manchester is in Barbados when news comes in that a large hurricane has hit St Lucia, located just 100 miles away. The ship's company is immediately recalled and the British vessel leaves on a mercy mission to the stricken island, where she is first on the scene of terrible devastation.

S01E06 Directors Extras

The crew of HMS Manchester gears up for a busy hurricane season with a visit to some of the local islands. These are the directors extras that never made it into the main episodes but are still worth showing.