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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Navy_Wolf1987, Jun 15, 2009.

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  1. Hello all newbie here (struggling too decide which branch/job to go for in the Navy!)

    First of all I went down the Officer route as a Warfare Officer in the Submarine service - but failed on the maths part of the apititude test.
    My recruiting Officer then told me I could join as a rating and work my way up - improving my maths and learning new skills and taking extra curricular exams as I go along.
    Im now considering joining the Hydrographic, Meteorological and Oceanographic branch as a specialist just wondered whether there was any Hydro guys on here who could tell me what this jobs like/opportunites!?

    I have 10 GCSE's A-C and 3 A levels incl. Geography so obvioulsy theres a link there.

    Im kinda stuck between that a career in the submarine service as thats what I wanted to do first of all.
    Any Warfare specialists(submariner) who could tell me what that career is like?

    Also whats the speed of promotion like as a rating? Obviously I know its not that easy and I'd have to show I'm capable but would just like to know a kind of timescale after my training!

    Thanks in advance of any help/guidence people!!
  2. I was told that the waiting list for HMO was about 18 months - 2 years, just in case that affected your choices.
  3. Oh SNAP! 8O
  4. Id go HM, i tried to transfer over a couple of years ago but to no avail, the wait is worth it trust me! But if you really want to be a warfare officer submariner then i would scrub up your maths and try again! I work with a guy who was initially lined up for pilot, passed his FATs the lot! But then didnt do his AIB or something and is now a AB(WS) and by christ is he unsuited/ bored! He now has to put in about 2 years worth of wasted career progression and jump through a 1001 hoops just to get back to the start!
  5. Same story as my oppo, he's got a degree in aeronautical engineering or something crazy like that but failed his AIB and ended up as a dabber. Now's he's too old to go UY and is pretty fcuked.
  6. Oh I didnt know it was that long!!!
    I think that is the route Ill go down, I'm pretty good at my geography and always found it interesting so feel I'll be happier doing that! Try and work my way up too Warrant Officer and all that!

    Cheers for your help! Anyone else with any more info please post!!!
  7. What a shocking team you support, who would ever want to support those.

  8. Haha Come on me babbies up the Wolves!!!!
  9. If i could add my 2 pence worth, id wait the 2 years, and get a job while you wait, i know 2 years at your age seems like ages but it will fly by, and by doing a job your (1) you have an interest, and (2) you have the academic skills for, will make you a much happier rating.

    all the best mate
  10. Its ok Navy Wolf, I am a wolves fan I just happen to have a wycombe wanderers avatar, will you be going to wolverhampton AFCO?
  11. I'm from Colchester Rookie!!!! Bit far to go to get to that AFCO haha!!!!
  12. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    The fact that an individual meets the minimum, or better, academic standards required for entry into Naval Services as an Officer bears no relevance whatsoever with regard their suitability to become an Officer at the time of applying, nor does the lack of qualifications mean that an applicant cannot become an Officer later in life.

    In short a degree doesn't automatically mean: Officer & no GCSE's does not preclude Officer...eventually.

    This being the case, let's leave the Officer bit on the "back-burner".

    A qualification or two in Geography, whilst showing a certain aptitude, doesn't mean that a technical trade is out of the question & may simply mean that particular avenue hasn't been explored.

    If the eventual goal is Officer, a technical trade maybe the quicker route as we are short of technically qualified & experienced Officers, particularly in the submarine trades. HM specialisations don't usually expect to serve on submarines, however they are often a bit strange, nearly always have big beards, are very clever & wear socks with sandals- so there are links in some respects with the submarine world.

    If you join as a Rating in any trade, you may apply to become an Officer (if qualified) at any point after completing your standard initial training period as a rating - in other words you don't need to progress through each NCO rank first before applying.

    Good luck - and remember... Which trade gives you the best transferable qualifications, which trade suits you best & which marries the two closest.

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