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Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by Chockheads_WM, Aug 17, 2006.

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  1. I had this IDEA!

    Well............. I thought it might be a good idea to have one web site (and a Browser Toolbar - more on that later) dedicated to all things RN, a central point providing links to RN related Web Sites.

    The idea is not that I will trawl the Internet for RN related web sites to add to the site, instead I would ask you the RN and EX-RN Community to advise me of the locations of the best RN web sites on the Internet, now these sites may be your own web site, your association web site or in fact any RN related web site you may have come across whilst surfing the world wide web.

    You then provide me with that information and I go see what it's all about and add it to to the Royal Navy Browser Toolbar (wait for it!).

    I then contact the web site owner and advise him/her that his/her web site is included on the Royal Navy Browser Toolbar and ask the site owner to include a download link to the Royal Navy Browser Toolbar download page to provide his/her site visitors the opportunity to download the toolbar and thereby spread the word.

    You are now advised to download the Royal Navy Browser Toolbar by clicking HERE or visiting the web site at
    When you wish to advise me of a RN Related Web Site just click on "Royal Navy" on the left hand side of the toolbar, this will take you to a Contact Form on the site which you can use to send me the web site's location (URL).

    However, I would ask you first to check via the Royal Navy Browser Toolbar to ensure that the web site is not already listed. Rum Ration is already listed!
  2. Is it Mac friendly?
  3. Better...Firefox compliant!
  4. Sadly no, but I plan to duplicate the information on the web site to accommodate the arty types!
  5. It is both IE and Firefox compatable.
  6. Safari is about 3 times faster that IE or Firefox, both of which I've used in the past on my home PC or at work. Once you've tried a Mac there's no going back - you get more computer time and less time spent calling the Help Desk!

  7. [align=center][​IMG]

    I would agree, however for this purpose it's a question of users choice.
  8. I downloaded it, nice idea, thanks.

    I agree with the Mac sentiments though! I'm currently on a PC, but Windows is absolutely infuriating. My 350MHz MAc can run a better operating system faster!
  9. Safari was a bit slow for me, the new firefox flies tho!
  10. Faster than Safari? That's amazing. On Safari this page and most others appear "instantly", whereas at work (on IE)they take several seconds - soooooo depressing!
  11. is it Navy* legal
  12. What do you mean exactly by Navy* Legal ?
  13. Would we be allowed to use it at sea??
  14. I would expect so, unless the RN(MOD) were to block it!

    I'm sorry, I left the Andrew in 1982 and I'm am not up to date on Warship Internet Facilities (WIF)!
  15. I’ve downloaded it. Great idea.

    One big request to all please don’t let this site descend into a geek’s paradise i.e. my computer\operating system is better than yours etc. have already seen it happening on some of the other threads.
  16. Hi BBD,

    Glad you like the RN Toolbar, please spread the word especially to the those who are Clinically Septic ( I think that the phrase :lol: ) about it.

    It's FREE and there is NO Adware or Spyware involved.

    Any "Military Webmaster" out there? You can get the HTML Code for your web site (whatever flavour) from

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