royal navy boxing

Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by moshe7158, Dec 23, 2009.

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  1. i was reading about a guy ,who was going through basic training,and was a boxer,all i can say is,if you have talent,the service will get you to best you can be,i had a great trainer in tony oxly,im nick croombes i live in austraila now, iv been in the army navy ,a bodyguard,i have my own buissness now, but the best time of my life,was in the rn,and boxing good luck to everyone i have meet,go navy goo
  2. Walt, is that you?
  3. Trying to read that ^^^ has made my eyeballs bleed 8O

    I couldn't find online translation software to help make the process easier and less painful.

    Someone please tell me that it is just a troll post and not genuine...

    If it is genuine, I'm sorry old chap but that is the most appalling English that I have read outside of Nigerian scammer email.
  4. Nick Croombes the 1976 ABAE European U19 Bronze medalist? .

    Yeah I'm a boxing geek, what of it?
  5. thats me hows it going digger
  6. Not a good idea to post your e-mail address on a public site.

    Try pm's instead.
  7. your dead right,terrible spelling,good reply.made me laugh,happy new year :lol: :lol:
  8. ah ah .......Nick Croombes. I finished my Killick Greenies course at Collingwood in 1978 and I was on buffers party with you. I remember you boxing at Nelson one night & we all came along to watch you. Against Cambridge or Oxford University I think it was. Anyway, glad to hear you are well. did you never turn pro?? Saw the bit about Tubeway Patrol...wearing make up???? Better nobody said owt to you !!! Remmeber that huge blonde haired seaman on Buffers Party who was obviously called Tiny?? As he took his top off over his head one day you dived on him and had a right pop at him for some reason? Anyhow, I'm out in Dubai these days but I was in Pompey last week !!
  9. Re: royal navy boxing and big tiny

    hi tiny gooday to ya.long time ago ,im living in sydney now,and no never did turn pro,it was a sport for me,couldnt do it as a job.hows the middle east,i lived in israel for 3 years ,what a great place,good luck cobber
  10. hi hows it going were u in the rn boxing team

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