Royal Navy Awards In The Queen's Birthday Honours List 2012

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by soleil, Jun 16, 2012.

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  1. The Military Division of the Queen’s Birthday Honours List 2012

    Royal Navy Awards

    Promotions in and appointments to the Military Division of The Most Honourable Order of the Bath

    As Knight Commander

    Admiral George Michael ZAMBELLAS DSC

    As Companions

    Surgeon Vice Admiral Philip Iain RAFFAELLI QHP

    Vice Admiral Alan David RICHARDS

    Promotions in and appointments to the Military Division of The Most Honourable Order Of The British Empire

    As Knight Commander

    Vice Admiral Charles Percival Ross MONTGOMERY CBE ADC

    As Commanders

    Rear Admiral Thomas Anthony CUNNINGHAM

    Rear Admiral Stephen John LLOYD

    As Officers

    Commodore Robert James MANSERGH

    Captain Stephen John MURDOCH

    Commander Jason Peter PHILLIPS

    Captain Jeremy Neil Melrose PLANT

    Captain Richard Laurence POWELL

    Captain Christopher Mark SKIDMORE

    As Members

    Chaplain Bernard Ronald CLARKE

    Warrant Officer 1 Brian HALL, Engineering Technician (Marine Engineering Submarines)

    Lieutenant Commander Paul Dominic HARRISON

    Warrant Officer 1 Simon Paul HAYMAN, Warfare Specialist (Abovewater Warfare Tactical)

    Lieutenant Commander Ian Stuart HOBSON

    Warrant Officer 1 Thomas Patrick HODGE, Royal Marines

    Warrant Officer 2 Ceri LEWIS, Royal Marines

    Captain (Acting Major) David Guy PHILLIPS, Royal Marines

    Lieutenant Christopher John READ, Royal Naval Reserve (Sea Cadet Corps)

    Lieutenant Commander Andrew Derek RIGGALL

    Captain Christopher Michael STARLING, Royal Marines

    Warrant Officer 1 John Cowan WALKER, (Marine Engineering Mechanic) (Mechanical)

    Royal Red Cross

    Second Class (Associate) (ARRC)

    Chief Petty Officer Kevin WARD (Naval Nurse)
    Queen Alexandra’s Royal Naval Nursing Service

    Queen’s Volunteer Reserves Medal

    Air Engineering Mechanic Michelle PING
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  2. Congratulations to all recipients.
    Can someone please translate (for an ex simple sailor) what "Above water warfare tactical" equates to in old money. I know that AWW was the equivalent of GI the last time I met one in 2006, but the "tactical" bit?
    I was still serving when Buntings became RO(T), as against the Sparkers RO(G), so is it something to do with the assimilation of the flagwaggers into the Seaman branch?
    Just guessing - someone who knows will be along shortly to enlighten me - I hope.

  3. AWT is the equivalent of an RP in todays Navy.
  4. BZ to all but Brian Hall stands out,he was my first WO when I joined bombers from diesel boats,had the privilege of teaching his son at cadets who is also a matelot now,Brian was interviewed on TV during the Parade at Windsor for QE2 the other weekend.

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