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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by ashton, Oct 28, 2010.

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  1. Hi im just looking for abit of help.
    I sat the aptitude test and failed it by 4 marks, it was 1 mark in math and 3 marks over all so baisically i just need a few math tips.
    If anyone can help me with any math website's id be very greatful.
    At the moment im still in college and iv took up extra math once a week and have just bought a Royal navy practice test of how to become and it has great examples but if anyone else has any tips please let me know.
    Thanks for reading :)

    MOD Edit for OPs Persec. Ashton no full names in posts please.
  2. Welcome to RR Ashton.

    Before you incur the wrath of many people on here, use the search button or have a good look through the Newbies section. This question and many related subjects have been discussed countless times. The information is there, you just have to do some of your own research.
  3. Yeah i would of looked but i was doing some homework lol and thought ill just put something on the forum and see if people will reply but ill have a look now. thanks :)
  4. Is it the US Navy you were hoping to join?
  5. Another "LOL'er". Arrrggh.
  6. Are you convinced everybody is secretly an American?
  7. I think the hint is the word math.......its either that the OP is American, another example of how stupid americanisms are galloping into the english language or that the OP was rushing and forgot the 's' on maths.
  8. Try the BBC's GSCE bitesize, its pretty useful.
  9. No RNRC - I assume I've made some other similar comment, but probably after copious amounts of red wine and/or cider so don't remember. Certainly no offense (see what I did there?) intended to our colonial cousins.

    Nail on head cadetsmum :wink:
  10. OP

    It might be an idea to practice how you tackle the papers as well as the questions themselves as from what I can gather its about time management as getting the answers correct.
  11. Thank you all very much for your help and tips.
    Also sorry for saying lol im 16 its what we do and im hoping to join the british navy as a seaman specialist.
  12. Ashton

    I appreciate you're a child of the text generation but can you please learn some punctuation.

    It's I'm and it's not the british navy, it's the ROYAL Navy

    old fart rant over.
  13. Could've been worse - he could've called it "Maff".
  14. Best bit advise i took with me into the tests is to skip hard questions. The time your given you just about finish your questions in time, some people never finished them all. I hate the feeling of skipping a question, as when you do your brain secretly tries to work the "puzzle" out. However rather than sitting for 1 min doing a hard question you could of done 3 easy ones. Then simply go back to it or educated guess. Hope i helped. :D
  15. 'British navy' is not incorrect. This is the way that the BBC refer to the RN in broadcasts intended for outwith our borders. The name 'Royal Navy' can be confusing when used in countries which have their own monarchy, in these instances some people use 'British Royal Navy', which is arguably less correct than 'British navy'.

    PS. Should your first line have terminated with a question mark, in that it is essentially an interrogative statement?
  16. Actually, if you want to get especially pedantic, British Navy would ostensibly exlude Northern Ireland, so in that respect is somewhat innaccurate since the Royal Navy actually serves the United Kingdom and the British Overseas Territories, as opposed to just Great Britain.

    "Royal Navy" might seem natural to us, but the Dutch might get a little confused about one's allusions in referring to it (for example).

    So there is no 'correct' answer. In fact if you go even further, there are the British Crown Dependencies (Jersey, Guernsey etc) which the United Kingdom is constitutionally responsible for the defence of, but do not actually recognise Queen Elizabeth II as a monarch as such. Her authority is derived there from a Dukedom rather from the position of Crown Head of State.

    Hope that clarifies things a little...
  17. Good point.

    Whilst on a 'Jane's fighting Married Accompanied' draft in Portugal many years ago I received a sports trophy and I was 'Guzzler UKN' according to the engraving on it, which pissed me off a tad, but understandable on reflection.

    Slight tangent which amused us at the time. I was working a multi-national environment in '02 and we had two Irish soldiers working with us. Again I was UKN (nationality followed by abbreviation for service), but the Greek soldier who issued passes (understandably) didn't see the slight lack of tact in issuing them passes with 'IR(ish) A(rmy)' on.
  18. Fun could've been had with that surely?

    Canadian University Naval Trainees?

    Taiwanese Army Technicians?
  19. Aye, but the only Canuks were some scruffy though likeable Lt 'pusser' type bloke and another fuckwit who I only ever saw wearing an ice hockey shirt. Probably Special Needs Forces trying to keep it secret that he was a Canuk.

    Oddly enough there were no Taiwanese.

    Still think that 25 Brit service personnel working happily alongside two members of the 'IRA' had it's own humour as opposed to a somewhat surreal acronym thingy :wink:

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