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Hi all!

Im currently applying to the Royal Navy for Pilot and Observer. Very simple question, but i dont want to get it wrong! On the AFCO form 4 where it says Branch preference, can I put both Pilot and Observer down, or can I only have 1 choice? Thanks in advance!



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My uneducated knowledge from my form is that at this point you give your 1st preference so either Aicrew Officer-Pilot or Aircrew Officer-Observer.

You fill out all of your other preferences later on down the line after SIFT and you are not commiting to antything in particular with this form, it's simply to allow AFCO to treat your application for that branch in terms of RT scores, the interview etc.

Well done for finding this site nice and early in the process, im sure you will find it invaluable.

Thank you very much for your reply, I didn't want to put 1 down and miss out on the chance of the other! As you say the site is great!

Thanks again

You won't miss out on one role, although as you can only do one of them deciding on a preference would be a good start. Your performance in your FATs will to an extent decide it for you. For the moment do as has been suggested, put pilot as one choice and observer as the other, it is up to you which order you put them in but at this stage you are not ruling yourself out of a role by doing that.

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