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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Blake29, Jan 21, 2014.

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  1. Hello

    I am an 18 year old female who has just recently submitted my forms to be a pilot or observer officer for the fleet air arm.

    I am interested in flying helis more than FJs and have a levels in maths, chemistry, biology and French.

    I have received my date for my written entry test on the 21st feb and just have a few questions about the next steps from this.

    can anyone tell me the intake dates for either of these positions?
    and what is the number of places they have per intake for each of these positions?
    also what are the max and min waiting periods? (I understand this is majorly based on your scoring in the APS tests)

    any help will be much appreciated thanks :)
  2. Intakes are same as any other officer going for BRNC - 4 a year, easy to find with a quick Google search or using the search.

    In the next few years the FAA are bring in the Merlin mk 2, Lynx Wildcat, F35. FAA pilots are also flying American F 18, Army Air Corps Apache Longbows, German Navy Lynx etc, so I'd say more than a few years ago just after the SDSR.

    Max and min depends on how quick you can get through, if you can't run 1.5 miles in the time and have to come back a month later to retry that’s an extra month, if you push through and get it quickly, you’re in as soon as your numbers called.
    Something to remember though, just because you're accepted into IOT, it does not mean you will go straight to Obs/Pilot training the week after. It's very much hurry up and wait sometimes.
  3. The brainy one is always the Observer!!!!:glasses8: Good luck in your aviation career, wannabe wings
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  4. I think you'll find its the pinky and the chicken bones :)

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  5. exJenny

    exJenny War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    ImageUploadedByNavy Net - Rum Ration1390326078.238775.jpg

    Just the thoughts of a blonde ex wren
  6. That's the one!

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  7. JAFO

    Go Junglie (Warning - dont go junglie). No Radar, loads of booties. You might even get the new Wildpussy and get to shoot some fings, with something more fun than a TOW. Course, you'll be needing Azerbajani more than French, but the frog still comes in handy for those trips to Afrique/Syria.

    What will you be doing while your application is progressing? Do you have a plan B and C (and D).

    Best of luck, hopefully this thread doesn't go too crayola.
  8. Many male chauvanists dismiss the idea of Female pilots,however I think that they are OK. I mean it's not as if they have to reverse or park the things is it?:glasses8:
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  9. Not anymore Call Me Dave saw to that :(

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  10. Thanks for this, i was just reading about FJ placings and it said the navy only take on around 5 a year, so just wanted to see if there was a higher percent chance of getting in as a heli, not that it would sway my decision either way, what do you mean by 'as soon as your numbers called' ? Im not down with the lingo just yet!
  11. Commensurate with available airframes, innit. In case you didn't know, there are no RN fast (or slow) jets at the mo. Lack of airframes means less qualified zoomies, notwithstanding the CWOs description of places we are hiding them (e.g. FA-18 squadrons).
    Fast forward to 2016 (see other articles on F-35 cheques beginning to be cut for actual aircraft orders for GE/Boeing). Being that an F-35 will not have an observer, at least until possible redesign one for EW with a second seat requiring a nav-bag and a bigger engine/fan, you would need to pass for pilot. So statistically, you have a better chance of becoming a rotary wing pilot or OBS. In a helo.
  12. I always though they took the cream on jets, so going to the AFCO saying you want to fly the mail delivery sort of tells them your happy to settle for second best?

    Would it not be better to go in all guns blazing saying how your ambition is to be the first female F35 squadron CO?

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  13. Like the idea of being a junglie, and sadly the azerbajani wasnt a choice at a level although i agree it would be useful haha!

    As for backup plans im pretty sure i want to be in aircrew even if im not offered the job id most like, or any officer position as its the lifestyle that attracts me too, saying that im trying hard to make every prep i can to get that dream job!

    Other than that i might consider uni...much prefer being out there flying though!!
  14. Aim for the stars.........and you'll reach the moon.....good luck. :thumbright:
  15. I see your point, however i see myself as more of a green beret taxi and search and rescue-style gal, i wouldnt turn down the opportunity to fly jets but its more the aid administrating that attracts me to helis, i applied because i want to help actively, not to flatter myself by saying i was the first

    Then again, why not aim for the stars? (Or the high skies in this context haha)
  16. exJenny

    exJenny War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    won't be much RN SAR from next year will there?
  17. Would have gone a lot quicker if Willy Wales had done an Edward!

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  18. She could go to the local swimming pool with a hook and sit on the lifeguard chair?

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  19. Plus does anyone know if you have to do the PFT on a Treadmill or can you do it on a track?

    Just for training purposes :)
  20. Check with your afco. I've had to do mine on a fitness but it was a city centre afco.

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